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Yoplait Multipacks Makes Lunch Easier!

How Homeschoolers Do Lunch

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I mean, we EAT. Obviously, but we don’t have to pack lunches in awesome bento lunchboxes, or neatly into brown paper bags, right? WRONG! We go on field…

Back to School Means Back to Early Mornings

  Let’s face it. I’m not a morning person. Neither are 75% of my children. Only one enjoys getting up before 7 am and having her tea while watching something on PBS Kids or Sprout. I swear she’s channeling…

Homeschool Art

This Summer Teach Kids to Think Big with Galileo Camps

Even homeschoolers start thinking about camp come the end of the “school” year, and summer camps have become quite the research project for us! The ladybug will be attending a farm camp this year, while many places are still…

Illinois Treasure's iCash Program

Claim Your Money and Run! I-Cash Makes it Possible

I’d like to thank the Illinois Treasure’s Office for sponsoring the conversation on money, and recovering lost funds on the blog today.  Have you ever been doing laundry or cleaning out pockets or purses and found a folded up…

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