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Birthdays, Milwaukee and the Kia Sorento

I consider my birthday a national holiday. I don’t care if you don’t, because that doesn’t change the importance of it for me. It’s the ONE day of the year, where everything is about me. If I didn’t have…

Kia Soul Turbo - #SoulConvos

Let’s Talk About My Soul – Kia Soul Turbo

Listen, the first part of this summer has been phenomenal. We were provided a Kia Soul Turbo from Kia, as a loaner in exchange for a review on our site. We were all too happy to oblige. Kia’s the…

Feeding My Soul

Last month, I was brought a Kia Soul loaner to travel for the summer in. Full disclosure – I was not a fan of the boxy shape of the Soul, and well, I didn’t think that I would really…

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