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Party Tricks: Salmon Boats

Party Tricks: Salmon Boats

I love hosting for the holidays. My husband does NOT like me being in the kitchen the entire time though. He’s not the entertainer that I am. I mean, he loves having people over, but he’s not about that “let ME be the go to while my wife slaves away in the kitchen” life. So one of my challenges this year was to find recipes to make my time in the kitchen limited, and my time with friends greater. Which is why this recipe for Salmon Boats is how I’m going to get my parties started off right. Nothing beats food that is GOOD and takes less than 15 minutes total to complete. I really should have included these in my Thanksgiving shindig this year, but greatness takes time, and well, rest. It’s amazing what one can come up with when it comes to getting sleep several nights in a row. Plus, lax. Usually served up with cream cheese on a garlic bagel, it just seemed SO right to make these treats up. I mean, just look at them. 

Boursin Party Salmon Boats

Let me just tell you how good these were. I say “were” because they are all gone. Every single last one of these tasty salmon boats are gone, and they were so incredibly easy to make for this Boursin® Party post. Look, I have the best job in the world. I get to make stuff and then eat said stuff, and these are probably the best things I’ve made this week. Cheese, garlic, smoked salmon, dill, buttery crackers. It’s like a party is happening, and it’s a Boursin® Party. So, I guess you’ve figured out that I’ve used Boursin® Cheese to make these great party appetizers. I happened to use what really called my name, and honey, if garlic is in it, I’m right there. The cheese just happens to be the icing on the proverbial cake. 

Boursin Party Salmon Boats

I whipped these babies up in less than fifteen minutes, and I only used four ingredients, most of which can be purchased at your local Walmart. I purchased a box of buttery oval crackers, gravlax, dill and of course Boursin® Cheese in Garlic & Fine Herbs. I’m all about appetizers that don’t have to be cooked and can be assembled right before guests arrive. These are just that. I’m telling you, if you haven’t had smoked salmon, you’re missing out. Here’s the recipe, and you can even have your children help with these! 

Boursin Cheese Salmon Boat Appetizers


Boursin® Cheese Garlic & Fine Herbs
Gravlax (Smoked Salmon – try to get the plainest you can, no sauce, or anything like that – however, if that’s your preference, go for it!)
Buttery Crackers

Boursin Party Salmon Boats


  1. Open the Boursin® Cheese, and crackers
  2. Spread a tsp of Boursin® Cheese onto your crackers
  3. Open Gravlax and rip pieces off that can be rolled up to sit atop of the cheese. 
  4. Chop up a tablespoon of dill and sprinkle a pinch on top of each cracker. 
  5. Assemble on a cutting board, or on really spiffy china, and wow your guests, because they are THAT good. Seriously. 

Boursin Garlic and Cheese Salmon Boats

Tune in Monday to see how to give Boursin® Cheese a place in a COOKED dish, and how to whip that up in less than 30 minutes too! 

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Tuesday 14th of November 2017

That actually looks pretty good. I may have to try it out.

Nanekia Ansari

Monday 13th of November 2017

This just made my day! I'd been looking for a garlic herb cheese and was having a difficult time finding one, WHO WOULD'VE GUESSED. I can't wait to try this out at my event.


Thursday 9th of November 2017

These look good. Nice little light bites especially for upcoming holiday gatherings.


Wednesday 8th of November 2017

These look delish!! I would totally try to make these at home. I am also with your husband about not being in the kitchen the whole time, unless the party is in the kitchen! LOL!

Mimi Green

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

This looks and sounds delicious. We are salmon lovers so this makes me smile. They totally look like you worked on them for hours.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.