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7 Great Places to Eat In Memphis, Tennessee

7 Great Places to Eat In Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee may be known for blues, but working your way through the culinary landscape there can open an entirely new appreciation for the city on the bluff. Come and check out our list of 7 places to eat in Memphis, Tennessee that we enjoyed during our week.

Please remember, this is not a comprehensive list. Memphis is full of cuisine that we just couldn’t get to in the time that we were there. We definitely look forward to returning to try out new restaurants and update you all in the future!

7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

7 Great Places to Eat In Memphis, Tennessee

Loflin Yard - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

Loflin Yard – 7 W. Carolina Avenue Memphis, TN 38103

Loflin Yard describes itself as a buzzy locale serving American cuisine & cocktails in a relaxed setting with outdoor seating.

Sitting on an acre of green space, Loflin boasts two houses (The Coach and Safe Houses) and a front and backyard where you can choose to enjoy your dinner. Nestled in downtown Memphis, it’s a wonderful space to spend a summer evening.

The rich history of the space is awesome too! The Coach House used to house, you guessed it, Memphis’ carriage fleet, and it now doubles as a bar with plenty of porch space to shoot the breeze.

We had a great sample of the food ranging from bbq nachos, smoked wings, Mexican corn and seasoned fries. We ended with full stomachs and satisfied palates.

The Liquor Store - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

The Liquor Store –  2655 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112

The Liquore Store is located in the Broad Avenue Art District and is a repurposed – get this – liquor store! Once known as Broad Avenue Liquor Store, this restaurant serves up breakfast, cocktails and good music 7 days a week.

The ambiance is definitely lighthearted and we enjoyed our breakfast while we chatted up the staff and people watched.

The Liquor Store also has a patio that can be used for larger gatherings than the indoor seating area can accomodate.

Tacosnganas - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

TACOSnganas – 2120 Central Avenue Memphis, TN 38104

A series of taco trucks strategically placed around Memphis offers fresh made tacos that make you wanna slap someone. This place was recommended by my Aunt Sheila and we weren’t disappointed. The wait is a bit lengthy when the lines are long, but you’re rewarded with freshly made tacos so full of flavor!

I tried the carnitas, camarones, and barbacoa tacos and just those three were enough to fill me up until dinner later in the evening. There was ample seating in the location we visited in Midtown, however, eating in your car was also an option since the truck is located right in a parking lot.

Tacos start at $2.99 and the most expensive item comes in at $17.99, so a very affordable day out for lunch or dinner if I do say so.

Rendezous BBQ - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

Rendezvous Ribs – 52 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103

I literally found Rendezvous Ribs by followoing the smell of smoked meat during an evening walk in Downtown Chicago. My children had joined my aunt for a football game that my cousin was playing in the school band for, and my dad was spent from a day of exploring the city, so I decided to check out what downtown had to offer.

I found Rendezvous by walking down an alley – something that they tell solo travelers to never ever do, but there was a line, and the food smelled delicious so I threw caution to the wind and I’m so glad that I did.

Lots of locals consider this a tourist spot, and I’m assuming it’s because it’s downtown and trendy, but the restaurant was PACKED and the gentleman I spoke to while dining was from the city and apparently comes weekly to enjoy a plate of ribs and conversation with the staff.

My meal here consisted of their large plate of pork ribs with the accompaniment of vinegar based slaw and beans. Tourist trap or not, I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again.

Central BBQ - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

Central Ribs – 147 E BUTLER AVE, MEMPHIS, TN 38103

We had Central BBQ the first night in Memphis and this staple of the city certainly does bring a different flair to the BBQ scene.

All of the meat cooked on site is slow-smoked in hickory and pecan wood after being rubbed with their dry rub. This results in meat that falls off the bone and is seasoned right through.

Given the option of having your ribs wet, dry, half/half, or muddy, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you order. The menu is a bit extensive, so I would suggest taking a look at it online before heading in to order. That way, you can be familiar with all of the options and not have to hold up any of the other patrons.

Sunrise Memphis - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

Sunrise Memphis – 670 Jefferson Ave, Memphis, TN, 38105

As with almost all food in Memphis, the founders of Sunrise Memphis connected over barbecue. Specifically after meeting on the barbecue circuit AND founding Central BBQ too.

This restaurant creates a great spin on breakfast as I had a Bi Bim bowl for my meal and my family stuck with more traditional orders of oatmeal, french toast, chicken biscuits, and a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.

Plates were cleaned, but what really stood out was the wall of bloody mary mixes that patrons could choose from.

Bishop Memphis - 7 Great Places to Eat in Memphis, Tennessee

Bishop – 545 S Main St #111, Memphis, TN 38103

A French brasserie inspired restaurant with southern influence. Dishes range from escargot to caviar, and duck a l’orange to fried chicken. Bishop features a beautiful charcuterie bar highlighting unexpected favorites like canned seafood, country ham, fresh baguettes, and grand aioli towers. The restaurant also showcases a bar and lounge area with a cocktail list rooted in the classics. Variations of Martinis and other vermouth, sherry and aperitif based cocktails are sure to surprise and delight the most discerning of palates. The wine list is French inspired as well, highlighting each region of France.

Bishop was the very first restaurant we sampled while in Memphis during our stay. Bishop boasts a regionally influenced Southern cuisine right on the lower level of Central Station Hotel. We enjoyed a myriad of plates – French Onion Soup, Omelettes, Chicken Sandwiches, and a wonderful Bishop Breakfast.

My husband and I returned to Memphis a few months after this visit and enjoyed dinner where we ordered from a menu full of dishes from the land and water. Everything was fresh and filling!

As I stated above, this is by no means a comprehensive list, and I look forward to returning to Memphis with my appetite in tact to share more of where I think you should sample when you’re in this fantastic city!

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Gabriel Taylor

Wednesday 25th of January 2023

I want Central Ribs.

Natasha Nicholes

Tuesday 21st of February 2023

We have a couple more bbq joints to visit in Memphis the next time we go.

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