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February 2017

Chicago Auto Show

Big Trends to Look for at the Chicago Auto Show

This week will be chock full of car talk, so get ready, get ready, get ready! As you know, I was able to attend the media preview of the Chicago Auto Show this year, and it was amazing. So…

The Book of Heroes & The Book of Heroines

Black Heroes and Heroines for Black History

I’m not sure I’ve ever announced in the history of my being an insider that I was a National Geographic Kids Insider. It’s an AWESOME ambassadorship that I’ve been lucky to be a part of for the last three…

Salt Cured Eggs

Salt Cured Eggs

There’s something fascinating about finding a new to you food prep, and realizing that so many people have known about it, thus leaving you in the dark, and not caring one bit about your feelings. That’s how I feel…