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May 2016

Mata Trader Dress with Stone's Throw Necklace in Yellow.

Mom Style – Mother’s Day Edition

Yesterday, I felt cute. It happens. It’s amazing that I felt cute ON Mother’s Day. It’s probably because Mr. Houseful treated me to things that I love the most. Jewelry – as long as it’s not earrings, and clothing.…

ModCloth Summer Hat

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style with ModCloth

This style filled post contains ModCloth affiliate links. Anything you purchase puts a couple ‘nickels’ into my shoe fund.  Listen, you’re late with a Mother’s Day present, and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get out…

Natasha Nicholes - Houseful Of Nicholes

What’s In A Name?

My name is Natasha.  For years, I was the only Natasha in my classroom. There were plenty of Latasha’s, but third grade found me with another Natasha in my classroom. So I became Natasha T., and the other Natasha…

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Take a Nature Walk

Today was a perfect day to take a nature walk! Just cool enough for a jacket, but warm enough to saunter the streets of our neighborhood looking for things that we know are around daily, but don’t really pay…