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Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style with ModCloth

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style with ModCloth

This style filled post contains ModCloth affiliate links. Anything you purchase puts a couple ‘nickels’ into my shoe fund. 

Listen, you’re late with a Mother’s Day present, and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get out of this bind. I’ve got you. ModCloth is one of my favorite places for unique items, and you may remember the shoes that I blogged about a bit ago as a bit of a treat to myself several years ago. I love those shoes. 


Which brings me to Mother’s Day Fashion. I’m all about going all out for Mother’s Day with a hat, and heels, and great garden party dress. That’s me. I know some other moms who are all about the pajamas. Just kidding, that’s me too. It’s either dressy or asleep, there is no in between. If I’m looking for dressy inspiration though, ModCloth is one of the first places that I go. Recently I picked up a Mata Traders dress from them, and I love it and will be wearing it for Mother’s Day. It’s no longer available, but other items are, so you can choose those. 



See? Hat or pajamas. I’m a pretty easy person to please. I also have an affinity for pretty necklaces, but don’t really wear earrings, so you need to know that AND know that ModCloth is also the place to go to find unique jewelry perfect for Mother’s Day. The necklaces are eye-catching, and some contain just the right amount of funkiness to make me happy. Like this beauty. >sigh< Sweet perfection. 

ModCloth Never Before Sheen Necklace

Essentially, I’m just trying to make sure that you make the mom in your life very happy. I’m also assuming that YOU are the mom in your life and you need these items or others like them just like I do. I really need everything at the moment, including shoes, but getting lost on THAT page would be detrimental to my closet. Meaning, I would have to empty it, and just stuff it full of shoes. 

Happy shopping, and a early Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.