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April 2016

Pole Beans germinating for the garden

What’s In the Community Garden: 4/29

It’s April. Late April, and I still have nothing in the ground yet. Mostly because Chicago is being VERY tempermental with her weather, and mainly, because I’m just tired. We have started from seeds though, and I’m so excited…

Malawi Africa Habitat for Humanity Trip

Malawi Reflections – 1 Year Later

Malawi seems so long ago, yet so close. It was this time a year ago that I was preparing to travel seemingly halfway around the world to help my local Habitat for Humanity affiliate build homes for a small…

1993 USPS Circus Stamp

A Walk to the Mailbox

Any of you miss getting real letters? Or SENDING real letters?  Yesterday during a session with my therapist, I talked about how much I miss walking to the mailbox. That simple activity brought me so much joy when I…

Celebrating Earth Day with Mazda CX5

Celebrating Earth Day with Mazda CX5

Celebrating Earth Day this year has been very special to me, and I’m happy to have partnered with Mazda in my efforts.  This year, we decided to make a full effort in the days leading up to Earth Month,…