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September 2014

Shwin and Shwin Glass Onion Top

Glass Onion Top: Thread Filled Thursdays

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve featured any of my sewing on the blog, and I NEEDED to break out of that rut with something easy enough to do, but with a big payoff. So of course the…

Progresso Chili

Quick Lunch with Progresso Chili #ProgressoChili

Homeschooling is taking a lot of brain power. Especially brain power that is used to think about things like lunch, and dinner, and OH bath time (kidding, sorta) so I was happy when Platefull CoOp sent me Progresso Chili to…

Pizzeria Piccola Wauwatosa Wisconsin HFON

Pizzeria Piccola & #TosaFest

On the last full day of our Milwaukee/Wauwatosa weekend, we trekked to a ‘Tosa fixture in pizza by the name of Pizzeria Piccola. For a little background, Piccola is owned by Joe Bartolotta who at the very sense of…

Curb Taxi App

An Easier Way to Travel Big Cities: Curb App

I don’t often travel in taxis, because it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get one from my neighborhood to go where I need to. Usually, that’s from my area to downtown Chicago and back, and no, I’m not showing any leg…

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Baking and Sewing for Malawi,Africa #thehfbuilds

I think that I may have officially jumped off the deep end. Not in a bad way, but I’m adding another HUGE wish to my already long list, and then moving it up in importance. A couple of months…