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Baking and Sewing for Malawi,Africa #thehfbuilds

Baking and Sewing for Malawi,Africa #thehfbuilds

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I think that I may have officially jumped off the deep end. Not in a bad way, but I’m adding another HUGE wish to my already long list, and then moving it up in importance. A couple of months ago, I shared with you all that I had joined a Habitat for Humanity International build team that was supposed to be going to Lesotho. Well, Lesotho is out, and I had to choose between Zambia and Malawi, and with the help of all of  my good Facebook friends, Malawi won out. I’m not sure if I’m joining their Orphans and Vulnerable Children team or Global Village team, but either way, I’m in there. 

I’m still fundraising, but because everyone treats GoFundMe like an unsub (you need to be a Criminal Minds fan to get this reference) I had to get creative and start doing things to raise funds AND limit the amount of junk that we move to our new home. I have a pantry full of baking goods that I can use to make cupcakes and cakes, and cookies, and brownies and not have to bring with me to the new home. I also have a sewing room that reflects and episode of Hoarders, looks like an aisle in JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts has more fabric than I can use at the moment to stock my etsy shop, so I’m making grocery bags to sell. I’m using a Michelle Pattern for the bag sets, and I’m making them funky. Folks will be able to choose their set, but not their fabric because honestly, that takes too long. I would greatly appreciate any donations that you can make to help me get to Malawi next May (yes, May, but remember, I still have to raise the required funds to participate – as all Habitat volunteers need to do) and help a family realize their dream of owning a home just like we have been able to! 

My friends on Facebook and Twitter have been getting me psyched about the entire trip telling me how beautiful Malawi is, and I’m getting excited from talking to my local affiliate who tithes 10% of their funds to Habitat for Humanity Malawi. Just being able to see the other side of this awesome community is something that I look forward to. If Women Build Week was any indication, then I am sure that I’m going to be blown away. 

So, if you see me Tweeting or Instagraming about Red Velvet Cupcakes, or Grocery Bags, or even garage sales and whatever else I can think of to help raise funds, don’t think that I’ve lost my mind. I’m on a mission. 

Michelle Pattern Large Grocery Bag Pattern

Once I figure everything out regarding the fundraising link, I’ll make sure to update, but until then the much hated GoFundMe stays. Wish me well, will ya? 


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Kris Cain

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

That is amazing! And please send me info on that bag pictured right there. Thank you :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.