What I Wore: Sunday Edition

The other day on my FB page for my blog – I decided as a promise to myself, I would put more into the way that I dress. I’m still young (not a spring chicken, but let’s not split hairs) and I still think that I’m pretty cute – why not show it. SO – since I tend to dress a bit better for church services, or going out with the hubs, I will try to photograph so that I know what is looking great on me. Promise not to laugh at me, and I promise to post at least once weekly.


This is a combo that I’ve been thinking about since I acquired the dress from Old Navy. You may have seen me in it first in this post of course with no type of accessories in general. You’ll also see it from when I wore it on our cruise this month. It’s gotten lots of compliments, and I love the hang of it. It’s A-Line cute, with a belt that rests right under the bust. This is out of my comfort zone for a couple of reasons – I don’t usually show off my bust, and well, I try to stay away from calling attention to my midsection as well. Someone even asked if I were pregnant at church yesterday – another day, another post, I PROMISE you that one’s coming!


My cardigan is a repeat from Easter Sunday when I paired it with the first dress that I ever made myself this year. I picked it up from Target NOT on sale (I have to stop doing that) but I needed something to cover my arms.) but I feel like it’s going to get great usage this winter.


My shoes are actually from Payless. They are a nude patent leather pair of mid heel pumps that I picked up also for Easter, but never wore. I really want another pair in taupe, but the squeaking when they accidentally hit each other KILLS me.

Mr. Houseful complimented this outfit all morning. I know when I look pretty awesome by how much he hugs me BEFORE we leave for church. *side glare*

I like this look. It’s simple, it’s not over the top, and it doesn’t scream that I’m too old or too young. I feel fresh. Here’s hoping that I can keep this up for 2013


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