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The Houseful Cruises: Norwegian Epic – Day 3 At Sea

Norwegian Epic Marketplace

Apparently, this second day at sea was full of eating and walking around, because that’s all I have pictures of. Food and the ship.

Mr. Houseful

Oh, and this particular guy who kept following me around the ship. I ended up giving in to his advances and even brought him home with me. Meh. He’s sexy. I’m sure there may have been some high school type making out at the back of the ship, but we kept it clean. No exposed skin. Heh.

We ate quite a bit too – always picking something that we usually wouldn’t splurge on back in Chicago because it would be a la carte. Each day, we ate an appetizer, an entree and dessert. It was perfect.


DSC_0592I ate this Norwegian Strawberry Cheesecake every night. Seriously, I loved it. The strawberries were sweet, the cheesecake was rich, and the chocolate swirl and whipped cream dollop was just the right touch.

DSC_0597We came out in enough time to see the ship passing Puerto Rico AND get a signal to send some photos of Instagram. It’s the important things right?

DSC_0607I also may have stood outside the teen club wavering on whether or not I wanted to try and get in, like they did our little spots. At the end of the evening, Mr. Houseful convinced me that I would only prove even more that adults are uncool beings in the eyes of kids 18 and under. I pretended not to have hurt feelings.

DSC_0613The trees were all over. This one always managed to catch my eye, I have no idea why, especially since they had a 25 foot tall tree in the atrium that was gorgeous as well.

DSC_0594When we got back to the room, this little towel animal was waiting for us. We’re not sure what it is – sloth, maybe?

Tomorrow gets better, since it was our first day in port. We stopped at Phillipsburg, St Marten and walked around the shopping area a bit. There aren’t several pictures of the actual, port, but we did shows, and more dinner! Let’s face it, you go on a cruise to eat very well. We did.

See you all tomorrow for day 4!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.