Honey Hot Sauce Wings


I think that this time of year is Mr. Houseful’s most favorite time. Football and the anticipation of the Superbowl and all that it entails. Yelling, touchdowns, trash talking, and friends who love it just as much as he does. He tends to watch for great games, even though our wonderful Chicago Bears aren’t in the running. I’m not sure who will be paired up this time around, but I will say that there are SOME teams that I don’t want to see there. If I do have to see them, I’ll drown my sorrows in these wonderful sweet, sticky and spicy Honey Hot Sauce Wings.

These wings started out mysteriously one day. Mor Mor Houseful (my mom) came home one day and tried a new recipe with her chicken wings. Which, might I add, are delicious in their own right. She created this sauce after having something sort of like it from her place of employment. I like hers better. Theirs was good, but there’s something about your mom making something and nailing it. With these she did. She made them so well, that I remember preparing them for a class party in 7th grade. The kids annihilated them.

The key with these is all about the flavoring. You can’t have naked wings and just use the sauce as your flavor. It won’t work well. Balance is key.

To start off I had:


5lb bag of party wings (wings with the tips not included – so you only have the fatty and the flatty, no nubs) rinsed and drained
2 tbs seasoning salt
1tbs onion powder
1tbs garlic powder
1tbs paprika
pepper to taste

1/2 cup of flower

Sprinkle that onto your chicken and then you can either mix in the bowl and cover, or transfer to a ziploc bag as seen below.

Chicken Wings

I find that transferring to the ziploc bag allows for me to get all of the chicken coated in the spices without getting it all over my hands and having to rinse so often, and you can see that everything has been seasoned evenly. It also eliminates a lot of the water that may have collected in the bowl, and makes the flouring process easier.

I then put my chicken into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour so that the spices can permeate to the bone! It’s serious around here, yo! ChickenWingsZiplocBag

Remove the chicken from the refrigerator and pour the 1/2 cup of flour right into the bag, close it up and shake. If you find that the walls of the bag are looking a little doughy, add a couple of tbs more of flour, close and shake. The bag should be relatively free of flour. 2014-01-16 12.01.35

I fry in a larger type pot, so that I can mimic deep-frying. I do not overcrowd the pot because the chicken will take longer to cook. You know that they are done when they float. I promise. They’ll also finish browning once you take them out of the pot.

You will then fry these babies up in a deep pot that has been heated thoroughly on medium high.

DO NOT PUT CHICKEN INTO OIL THAT IS NOT HOT! It will soak up the oil and then you’ll have a greasy mess. One great way to check and see if your oil is hot enough is to drop a small bit of flour into it. If it bubbles instantly, you’re ready.

I like to put my chicken into a glass bowl that is lined with paper towels to soak up the rest of the oil.


Honey Hot Sauce Glaze

3/4 cup honey
1/4 cup hot sauce (I use Louisiana)
1 tbs dark brown sugar

Bring ingredients to a simmer and immediately toss chicken (minus the paper towels) in the glaze. When I make these I don’t go for wings that have been soaked in the sauce. I want to still have the crispness of fried chicken with the sauce as a type of dressing. So, we eat them hot!

Honey Hot Sauce Wings

As usual, this is not a recipe set in stone. I ended up measuring for the sake of the blog, but I usual freehand all of my seasoning, including the glaze.  And I love it that way. Apparently so do the littles – who I made this for, for the FIRST time. They kept eating my props. Literally. I would set the photo, turn to get the camera, and they would be gone. I count it a great sign though. Hopefully next week, I can have another wing recipe up for you! I hope you enjoy.

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    • Natasha Nicholes says:

      Andrea, I would totally play around with the hot sauce content. I don’t like super spice either, and these were given to the littles.The hot sauce is more for kick than for flavor! I hope that you like them when you make them!

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