Fright Fest Is Ending Soon – Have You Gone to Six Flags Great America?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Nathaniel and our family hosted an exchange student from Germany for a bit of time in our houseful. He was a pleasure to be around, and when he got to Chicago, we asked what types of things he was interested in doing. There were several. He wanted to visit the Sears Willis Tower, go to an amusement park, and eat fried chicken. I could make one of those things happen at home, but the other two, we needed to figure out dynamics. We figured that Six Flags Great America would be the best to go to on a day off, and we chose the Monday that they had off of school this month. It turned out to be pretty amazing, and STILL poppin’ because of the great weather that Chicago and the surrounding area has been having this fall. 

I dropped Nathaniel and Niklas off at the gate (thank goodness for drop off zones!) and the littles and I went off and enjoyed lunch, a movie and some shopping! Fright Fest is going on right now, and you’ll want to get in before this month is over! 

Fun story: Six Flags Great America is where I went with Mr. Houseful a little after I began housing Nathaniel. Neither of us knew I was pregnant, so don’t do it with the safety stuff right now! It was right around this time too – we have photos of me in a Looney Tunes sweatshirt because I was so cold. Ah, the memories! 

Another fun story – I STILL haven’t ridden the Columbia Carousel and I’m not sure I can now break this streak. It looks perfectly frightful as it greets park-goers for a perfect photo op. 

Six Flags Great America

Nathaniel was tasked with taking photos for this blog post which he also isn’t writing, so do NOT blame me for lack of composition. He and Niklas had fun, and I’m sure this will be understood in a bit. They had a plan when they arrived at the park, and that was to get Niklas on as many of the rides as possible. Nathaniel REALLY wanted him to experience The Raging Bull and Goliath, but the lines were too long, and they could only gaze at it and vow to conquer it the next time Niklas came over stateside. 

However, they did ride the Demon, Viper, Batman, the Giant Drop (shudders), American Eagle, and X-Flight. Niklas gave a very enthusiastic thumbs up to all of the rides when I asked him how he liked it. Apparently, he loves adrenaline rushes. 

Six Flags Great America

There is still time to get your tickets to Fright Fest before it ends, AND it’s open almost the FULL week this week! Close your amusement park season out with a bang and make your way up for some great family fun, and good scares! 

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