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Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety Saves Lives

Car seat safety is something that comes up in the news quite often. With people going completely crazy when photos are posted of children put into car seats wrong, it’s quite easy to ignore because of the delivery. However,…

Weird but True Tees from Crazy 8

Weird But True Tees at Crazy 8

There’s something about fun t-shirts. I have a ton of them. Graphic tees and tees with fun sayings on them are my favorites, but when I can pick some up for my children, it’s even better. Crazy 8 and…

My Chime by Sittercity Experience

5 Reasons WAHM Need Sitters

Being a mom that happens to work from home has it’s moments. It also has its downfalls, especially when three out of my four children are homeschooled. It’s already difficult to be a SAHM or WAHM, but add in…

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