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Weird But True Tees at Crazy 8

Weird But True Tees at Crazy 8

There’s something about fun t-shirts. I have a ton of them. Graphic tees and tees with fun sayings on them are my favorites, but when I can pick some up for my children, it’s even better. Crazy 8 and National Geographic Kids have teamed up, and they’re bringing you 8 weird but true tees in their stores starting June 3! For those of you who love shopping online, you’re in luck because they arrive two days earlier, June 1!  With all of these weird but true facts, conversations will begin and you can let your NatGeo Kids take the reigns. 

Weird but True Crazy 8 T-Shirts

The shirts are soft, and true conversation starters. The kids and I were doing some weeding in the community garden earlier this week, and a few of the community members stopped through and asked them about the facts that they were sharing. It’s pretty nice to see my kids light up with understanding. Especially the ladybug. We’ve been discussing butterflies a lot lately, and one of the facts that the kids REALLY loved is the fact that butterflies taste with their feet. The light bulb moment came when the ladybug figured out THAT’S how Monarch’s know how to lay their eggs on milkweed, and the same with other butterflies. Here she is posing with our brand new CHICKENS, and embracing her awesomeness in general. 

Weird but True Crazy 8 Tees

Lil’ Miss is seen here styling the porcupine shirt, and now she’s all interested in what all baby animals are called. So, I see a whole baby animal homeschool unit coming up. Yes, she’s safe, don’t worry, we keep an eye on her at all times when she’s climbing, but she’s also a kid, we let her be sometimes too. 

Weird but True Crazy 8 Tees

Sir Twizzler is all about sharks. Sharks with hammerheads, sharks that look like leopards, shark babies that are called pups (thanks Lil Miss!) and shark pods for birthing. We’ve mastered the five senses here, but now we have to figure out three more! 

Weird but True Tees from Crazy 8

To be a kid again. Seriously. The joy from the simple things in life is so awesome! 

Crazy 8 is also offering a gift with purchase for fans that purchase a Weird but True Tee in stores only. A free Weird But True fact pack will accompany your child’s t-shirt and they will be sure to share their newly found facts each and every day. If you need more encouragement, you can enter to win a $25 Crazy 8 gift card on the blog today! Just tell me what animal you can learn about forever, and you’re entered to win! That’s all. Giveaway is closed. 

This blog was written in partnership with Crazy 8 and National Geographic Kids. All opinions and kids are my own, and every single cutie shared is genuine. 




Bert Ruiz

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

My kids like learning about pandas. Thank you for the chance to win, GOD bless


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

For me, (and mostly by that I mean my 10 year old son)... it's Sharks. My son is OBSESSED w/ Sharks. He loves all things's cute. Movies, facts, clothing, his shark tooth necklace. Loves it all!

Kim A Mason

Tuesday 31st of May 2016

For us it would be fish and other ocean animals. So much of the world ocean is undiscovered that there's always something new to learn about.


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

I would like to learn about the crocodile. They are so interesting and we actually just had a program from the zoo to come to the library.


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

I can't decide between cats and birds..They both fascinate me and there are so many of different species..

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