What Is The We Sow We Grow Project

Hi there! Do you find yourself over this way because of the article you read about me on Block Club Chicago?  I’m happy you’re here! The We Sow We Grow Project was started in 2016 after my husband and I moved to the FAR South Side of Chicago and noticed the huge lot across the street from our newly built home. We wanted to do something with it, and with the go-ahead from our Alderman, Carrie Austin, we started the community garden. 

We Sow We Grow Project is a community-based gardening initiative that focuses on growing, educating, and planting confident home gardeners.
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Well, it’s 2018, and this plot of land is slated to become townhomes and we’re looking to move just across the street. If anyone is up for the job, and stubborn enough to see it through, I am. 

I have a passion for agriculture, and have had one for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, we always tried to grow things in our backyard, but weren’t successful enough. Mostly because we didn’t know we weren’t planting in the proper places. After being a City Mom with the Illinois Farm Bureau, the passion was reignited, and I started a small container garden on the back porch I had in East Garfield Park. MANY lessons were learned, and now here we are. 

Natasha Nicholes is one of the two managers of the We Sow We Grow Project. A Community based gardening program that seeks to help Chicagoans and their state neighbors grow their own food confidently.
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Photo by Lee Edwards – Block Club Chicago 

Current Needs for We Sow We Grow 

We need a lot. It’s coming to my attention that my husband and I can’t do this alone. We are looking for someone else on a volunteer basis at the moment who can help organize general oversight of the urban farm, and help us organize all of the requests we get for support. We’ll be moving sites soon, and leveling land, and then building raised beds, a chicken coop, and planting. And we’ll be doing it all in between working full time jobs and homeschooling our three youngest children. That oldest one went off to college just in the nick of time! 

How to Financially Support 

I’m glad you asked! We currently have a GoFundMe campaign running to help us reach the goal necessary to buy the land in Chicago AND protect it from future developers.

We Sow We Grow Project Fundraiser 

You see, the South and West sides of Chicago are developer goldmines, and we want to make sure that the folks living IN the community are the ones to reap the benefits of it. No shade against developers, I respect your hustle, I just need these two plots of land. You’re more than welcome to donate though! 

You can also visit our Teespring store to purchase We Sow We Grow merchandise –  teespring.com/stores/we-sow-we-grow

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