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For All of You Garden Lovers {Flowers & Food} #WeSowWeGrow

For All of You Garden Lovers {Flowers & Food} #WeSowWeGrow
We Sow We Grow

I started a private Facebook group. Nothing big at all, but a safe space for those of you who are interested in growing flowers or food to be. I know that the last three years of growing food have been pretty amazing for me, and instead of taking up space in the Facebook feeds of others, I decided to create a space for all of those questions and answers to live. PLUS a space for in depth Facebook Live videos if necessary. We can even have guest speakers too! 

We’ve also started our official NFP (not for profit) program the We Sow We Grow Project! We’re 501(c)(3) official and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support and motivation! We are looking forward to fulfilling our mission to bring food education, food sovereignty, and food love to people all across the nation, but we are SO PROUD to be housed on the south side of Chicago and supporting the community right where we live. You can read more about the specifics of the We Sow We Grow Project >HERE<

A new growing season is quickly approaching, and some people STILL haven’t planted their seedlings. Never fear! We’re here for you! 

I do want people to love growing things as much as I do, and I believe this group might be the key to that. No pressure. No fighting about GMOs or Organic. No talking about larger farming practices because we’re all going to be doing what we love, or have dreamed of doing for a bit of time. It will be on our own terms, and we’ll reap (ha!) the benefits of our labor all season long. 

Hey Lets Grow

I can also take this time to tell you about a few gardening/food/farm things that I have been doing. I’m taking part in Hey Let’s Grow for the second year in a a row, and it’s a group like mine above, but for online influencers. Essentially, I’m doing the same thing that I’ve been doing with We Sow We Grow, but on another level. It’s fun to see gardening aficionados get excited over a certain variety of tomatoes, peppers, or kale. 

I’m looking forward to clearing out the large garden area in the coming weeks, and planting items, and also canning, preserving and the fruit (and vegetables) of our labor. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see what we’re planting and growing, and the recipes that we share from it! If you’re wondering what you should plant THIS month, here’s a handy chart. 

Seeds to Start In March

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Bay Gardens

Thursday 15th of February 2018


Such a beautiful post! my mother love gardening, I shared your post and guess what? She loved it... you did a good job. keep on sharing...


Wednesday 22nd of November 2017

Great initiative! Nothing like growing your own veggies and herbs. All the best and happy growing!!

Mike Anderson

Friday 28th of April 2017

Hello Natasha, I can’t wait to start planting after reading your blog. It’s very important to learn about which plants are perfect growing, according to the season. I always want to start my own garden. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog.

Fashionable Librarian

Thursday 30th of March 2017

As soon as I close on that house, I will be having my backyard garden. In this day of "dirty food" it will serve us all well to start something of our own.


Thursday 30th of March 2017

id love to be able to grown some food - it tastes so much better when you've grown it myself - I think all my little window box could manage would be some herbs or something!

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