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Yesterday I Got a Health Screen

Yesterday I Got a Health Screen

Walgreens #WellnessTour may be coming to a city near you! Yesterday, I woke up, got my three littles bathed and dressed, and we went out and about on a day of errands. They were exceptionally well-behaved given that 20 minutes of those errands were spent in the waiting area of the DMV.  Yes, my friends, I took my three children under the age of 7 to the DMV. Then I took them to watch as I did a health screening at Walgreens, and I believe that this is where they saw their mom lose her head. Walgreens has partnered with the National Urban League on their Wellness Tour for the 9th year in a row. They are driving around the country to provide free screenings for anyone that happens to come through one of the participating Walgreens in the cities closest to them. Today is their last day in the Chicagoland area, and they will be in Romeoville at the Walgreens located at 498 N Weber Road from 12 noon until 5pm

Walgreens Welness Tour Sign Up

My tests consisted of three different stations. I was given a finger prick to test my blood glucose level. I then stood on a scale while holding a handlebar mechanism, but only after getting my blood pressure taken. The results for the blood glucose and blood pressure were right on par for a woman of my age and height. However, my BMI and weight? FAINT! I KNEW that I was overweight, but I was not aware by how much. My joints ache, and I’m not able to comfortably wear my heels for as long as I used to when I was much lighter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with the way that I look, but with the way that I feel, and this health screening was important with putting that into perspective. During my consult, I did discuss some low impact things that I could do in order to get a jumpstart on weight loss. After telling me to check in with my physician, it was suggested that I do some speed walking. I hate running, and while it gives me the best results the fastest, I can never continue because of my disdain for it. So I can walk, a little bit faster than a stroll, but not as quickly as those speedwalking competitors because. 

Walgreens Welness Tour Results and Consultation

I do love the fact that I brought my littles with me so that they could see me taking charge of my health in a way other than a doctor’s office. So often, we avoid the doctors because of copays, or no insurance (and by we, I mean the US collectively) and we may be sitting on health issues that if caught early, could be changed around. I know lots of people who aren’t able to get to appointments because of where the offices are located, but they can most certainly make it to a Walgreens. 

Privacy booths inside of the Walgreens Welness Tour bus.

The tests that I received cost approximately $100, and were able to give me a deeper look at some areas that I want to work on in the future. They were confidential, and as well. Since blogging can be a mostly sedentary life, I need to remind myself to get up and get out with the kids while they are playing more. Not only will it be better for my health, but it will be good for my soul. 

To find out if the National Urban League and Walgreens are coming to an area near you for their Wellness Tour, click HERE and enter your zip code. You won’t want to miss this screening! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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