Viva La Viva® Vantage®! Learning to Love Viva Again

Tracking PixelA LONG time ago, I was in love with Viva® Vantage® paper towels, and somehow fell of the wagon. I’m not sure if it was a budget thing, or if it was a letting Mr. Houseful go shopping and pick what he wanted thing, but I haven’t used them regularly since a couple of years ago. My last interaction THIS year with them, though, was a home party where we learned the adVANTAGEs (see what I did there?) to having these around the house are numerous, and it was nice to see what others did with theirs, while having a bit of girl time. See? 

Viva Vantage 7 Day Switch Up

Our host, Cynthia from NapWarden fame, let us know all the great things that ONE sheet of the paper towel could do, including being a colander for rinsing fruits and veggies, stuffing into running shoes to dry them after a rain run, or cleaning baseboards in the kitchen. A lot more than just wiping up spills, right? We also discussed wetting the paper towels and wrapping them around herbs that you don’t have to use right away to keep them fresher, longer. The V-Flex™ weave in each towel, also offers great scrubbing ability so that you’re not ripping through paper towels each and every time you go to scrub sticky, scratchy messes off of counters or off of dishes. 

Viva Vantage 7DaySwitchUp

After talking about all the things that we do with our paper towels, and all the kids that we have to use the towels for (score for all of the moms with four or more kids) we learned that most of us were cleaning up after children, and their spills. Art spills. Science spills. Food spills. Drink spills. We all were also tired of having to use half a roll of paper towels, or irritated when one sheet was actually too big for the mess at hand. I know, I know, #first world problems. Now with the Viva® Vantage® paper towels, you can select a sheet, and they are sized to be perfect for those small spills or clean ups that you need to do. While my children HATE having to use the same paper towel as their sibling, they did have to admit that they were pretty surprised when we could clean up after a science class with two sheets. My own little science experiment. How much gak can 2 sheets of Viva® Vantage® pick up?

Viva Vantage #7DaySwitchUp

I know that most people are doing fall-ish things in their homes this month. Whether it’s fall caramel apple making, or pie making, or candy making. Lots of candy, and gooey stuff is being dropped all over the countertops of many houses. We even tested out some of that caramel apple making and clean up! It was definitely fun, and wetting a paper towel with warm water picked that caramel right up! I tend to be a caramel apple purist – when I do manage to eat them – so my apple just consisted of about an inch of caramel sauce. You know, just because. 

Viva Vantage 7DaySwitchUp


Viva Vantage 7DaySwitchUp House Party

Our next station was decorating wine glasses! Now THAT’S definitely something that I need to do with my girlfriends during a girl’s night in! Collecting stemless glasses and arming them with markers to create! Before we sat down to mark up glasses (seriously, we were just acting like big kids by this time) we polished our glasses to a lint free shine with just one sheet of the Viva® Vantage®. Nice, right? Mine is being used mostly for milk, Pepsi, and Pepsi so don’t tell any of the wine drinkers around. 

Viva Vantage 7DaySwitchUp

All in all, my choice has come back around to Viva® Vantage®, and I’m going to make sure that the Houseful of Nicholes has them on hand at all times. Before I leave you though, here are the best tips from our day! 

Viva Vantage 7DaySwitchUp

  • Pre chop veggies that you may use all of the time in cooking (think carrots, celery, and herbs) dampen a paper towel, and insert in a plastic baggie with the veggies. They will keep fresher longer, AND be ready for you during those times when you don’t have lots of time to prep for dinner. 
  • Don’t pull out that colander! Use two sheets of Viva® Vantage®, and run under water. They are strong enough to rinse grapes, and other fruits and then use to clean up counters! 
  • Did you go on a run and hit lots of puddles? Don’t throw your shoes in the dryer or stuff them with newspaper and ruin them. Stuff them with Viva® Vantage®paper towels for a quick, inkless and warpless drying experience!  

You can kick off your own “7-Day Switch Up” by visiting for a Viva® Vantage® coupon to purchase and try the product yourself. After experiencing the stretchy-strength and great scrubbing power of Viva® Vantage®, return to the website to dish on your switch and enter for a chance to instantly win a $100 gift card.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viva® Vantage®

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