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Jetsetting the Midwest | Holy Hill Art Farm

Jetsetting the Midwest | Holy Hill Art Farm

This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Inn as part of their #JoyOfTravel series. Car was provided by Subaru. Memories are all mine

Last October, I wrote about celebrating my 8th year of marriage with Mr. Houseful with a jaunt to Pewaukee, Wisconsin. We got to stay at the Holiday Inn Pewaukee (amazing by the way – I won’t be able to say that enough) and I wanted to be able to tell you a little bit more about the Holiday Inn hotels, since seeing them from a different POV. We were able to travel to Pewaukee in the comfort of the Subaru Legacy, and if you remember here we talked about specs, but now you just get copious amounts of photos of both the hotel and the car, because I can’t get enough of talking about comfortable stuff. 

Subaru Legacy - comfortable travel


When I was younger, I remember the Holiday Inn hotels as being budget friendly enough, that a family of six could stay at, without worrying about safety, or anything horrible happening. No frills no thrills. Not bad at all, but I’m not sure that my parents looked at it as a place to go for a romantic getaway. Wait until they stay at one NOW. The lobby was so warm and rustic, and inviting. I was pulled to stay down there in front of one of the fires and cuddle up with a blanket and a book. So comfortable looking. 

Holiday Inn Pewaukee Wisconsin

When we checked in, the Holiday Inn Pewaukee staff welcomed us warmly, and informed us that we had a special surprise waiting for us in our refrigerator. I love surprises! Especially those of the food variety. 

Holiday Inn Pewaukee Anniversary Surprise


The fruit plate started our evening check in out on the right path, right before we went for a random midnight drive around Waukesha, Wisconsin. We rode around Bluemound Road, and Moorland. I stopped by my old dorm, and just marveled at how many years I spent on that campus, grumpy. Ha! College was a time that I would never give back, but it was sure a character builder. I’m kind of bummed that the weekend that we went was Fall Break, but being out at that time of night didn’t change the look of the campus. Everyone was usually in bed by 10 pm anyway, and it was perfect. It was dark, but perfect. As you will see by our wonderful cell phone photos. This took me back to us visiting each other on our respective campuses, and being bright eyed and bushy tailed whenever he made his way up to Wisconsin. It seemed like the entire city belonged to us. 

Visiting Carroll University (College) for old time's sake.

We then went to visit a place that I spent many a morning working. Dairy Queen on Bluemound Road in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We could hit all of these cities because our hotel wasn’t far, and the setting was familiar. I mean, I haven’t been to my old stomping grounds in since the ladybug was a baby, so it was a walk down memory lane for me. This is where I learned cake decorating, and how to properly make the Dairy Queen swirl. Many days were spent laughing with coworkers, and coming home smelling like french fries and ice cream. To be young again. 

College jobs can be fun! Dairy Queen provided

In my anniversary recap post, you can see some of our time at the Holy Hill art farm, but I didn’t show you a picture of the Holy Hill because I was still caught up in the fact that my husband and I were in a different state without children, and ordered to have fun. The day was beautiful even if it was a bit chilly, and I was so enthralled with all of the handmade items that I didn’t know what to buy. I ended up convincing Mr. Houseful to purchase a yarn bowl for me, and we then headed out to the actual Holy Hill. Funny story. We saw like 10 Subaru Legacys while we walked through the parking lot. Isn’t it funny how you don’t really notice a make or model of a car until you’re driving in it? 

Holy Hill Art Farm

Subaru Legacy at Holy Hill Art Farm

After leaving the art farm we headed a little further down the road to the actual Holy Hill which is so magnificent. Most people climb the stairs, but most people aren’t afraid of heights like I am, so I marveled from the ground below. Do you see how high that is? If you look closely you can see folks hanging out in that upper window. It freaks me out. Once again though, it’s SO gorgeous in person. 

Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary


Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary from a back road

What you don’t know is right after this visit, we got in the car and headed to lunch in Milwaukee. Lobster rolls for the win. I was comfortable on my side of the car, while Mr. Houseful drove. I want you to know that when I ride in the car I like the pull the seat a little further up than most. I’m fun sized, so having a lot of room in the car is a given, but I’m used to being close to the wheel, so I adjust even the passenger side. Shush. Ha! 

Subaru Legacy leg room


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