Making Room for Winter and Spring? Let Totspot Concierge Service Do the Work!

Remember a bit ago, I wrote about a great new app called Totspot that allows you to sell children’s clothing online, for either credit or cash? I posted all of those pictures of the ladybug and lil’ miss “helping” me out by taking photos of their clothes that were too small, and then favoriting items that they loved?  You DON’T, well, never fear, I’m going to tell you about it again, but this time with an improved service for all of us who just can’t seem to find time to list. I know for many of us it’s time to clean out those closets of our children, and get ready to change them into the new seasonal wear. Why not get paid to do it? With consignment, you can know that not only are you able to clear out closets, but you’re able to sell your kids clothes at a fair price. 

Totspot App

Totspot has improved their platform by offering #TotspotConcierge – a service that allows you to gather up all of those cute kid clothes, bag them up and send them to someone else to price and list for you. Seriously. That’s all there is to it. You sort and bag, and then Bob’s your uncle (if you don’t watch Sherlock, shame on you.) Essentially, Totspot wants to give you all the ease of earning for your children’s clothing, without making you sit down and lose time that you may not have. The Totspot Concierge service is the newest feature, and I’m loving it! 

Totspot concierge service

The way that this awesomeness works is you request a bag from Totspot, they send it you, you fill it, ship it off, and someone does the listing for you. Wait. Maybe you didn’t hear me. Someone does all of the work, listing your items for you. People! This is awesomesauce, and you need to get with the program! You enter your app, go to SELL -> Concierge, and it’s all done! 

I’m not sure about you, but for ME, that’s a life saver. My to-do list is ever growing, and no matter how much I do, I don’t ever seem to make a dent. Well, this can be a financially great dent, and it will make Mr. Houseful happy. He always says that I hold onto clothes that we won’t be able to use anymore. Especially Sir Twizzler’s clothes – there are no more Nicholes boys coming this way. It’s time. 

Totspot Concierge Service

I do love knowing that other people can get such great wear out of clothes that we loved to see our children in, and I can recoup some of the money that was spent, and use it towards holiday gifts, or to put into savings. The sky is the limit, and I’m anxious to see my basement clean again! I can also spend the time saved crossing off things on that to-do list, and creating great content for my readers – whom I love! 

Don’t wait too long, if you do, you may miss out on that awesome holiday outfit! For more inspiration, check out Totspot on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


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    October 28, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    My daughter will be too happy to hear about this. Thanks for the tip!

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