Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland

                                                                                      Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland
So, I was going to talk to you about toilet tissue again, but I figured that you really didn’t want to know about the typical things that toilet tissue does. I mean, I’ve spoken about SCOTT® Toilet tissue before. Specifically Scott toilet tissue that I’ve purchased from Dollar General. Today, I’m using the toilet paper rolls from that toilet tissue for a craft instead. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not an easy Valentine’s Day craft that you can do with the kids. To top that off, why not toilet tissue roll heart garland?! Say that twice, and I’m sure you’ll roll your eyes, but it’s TOILET PAPER ROLLS! Takes you right back to grade school with paper towel and toilet paper roll crafts. Anything to keep our little hands and minds focused. Today, I present toilet tissue roll heart garland for your crafting pleasure. 

Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland

This entire project took about an hour start to finish, including drying time, and I’m sure that I’ll actually let the kids do it this week, but…deadlines. I’m sure that I could have wrapped my entire mirror with the garland if I had more toilet paper rolls, but mother didn’t raise a fool. There was no way that I was pulling toilet paper rolls out of full toilet tissue. I can ONLY imagine the games that the houseful of littles would find to play with the now malleable rolls of tissue. Toilet paper football anyone? Now is also the place where I sell you that Sir Twizzler has successfully flushed almost an entire roll of tissue down the toilet while simultaneously watching it unroll. 

Toilet Tissue Roll Heart GarlandToilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland

For this project you will need a couple of things: 

  • Toilet paper rolls (6-8) depending on how long you want your garland
  • Tempera paint in your color choice
  • Paint brush
  • Heavy string or yarn
  • Scissors 
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Ruler

Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland


The instructions are pretty easy. Paint your toilet paper rolls with red, pink, white, or any other color paint that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. You could even alternate the colors. How awesome would that be?! Let the toilet paper rolls dry all the way through. Here’s where we get pretty sassy. Flatten the toilet tissue roll and then fold in half. You’ll notice that it kind of has a heart shape already. While the tubes are still flattened and folded in half, cut them into one inch increments. On the short end of each cut portion use your scissors to make a slit for yarn to go through. Don’t make it too large, otherwise your hearts won’t stay on the yarn! Continue to string the hearts onto the yarn until you have reached your desired length. Make sure to knot of each end of the string with knots big enough to hold the hearts on. String those babies somewhere to show your love! Ours are on our master bathroom mirror, because who doesn’t like seeing hearts in the morning?! Meta. 

Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland

If you’re really focused, and you happen to have your Christmas tree still up, you can string these around and make it into a Valentine’s Day tree! Don’t say I’ve never helped you with anything. To get these rolls at an awesome price, you should head to your local Dollar General and pick up a couple of packs of SCOTT® Tissue or Paper Towels and get to painting! You can even save on items you pick up with coupons from the DG Digital Coupon dashboard. 

Toilet Tissue Roll Heart Garland

Now go forth and craft! And tag me on social if you complete this! Have fun! 



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