Thread Filled Thursdays: Mommy Poppins Bag Sew Fearless

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s been a while. I know. I’m still sewing, but lately it’s been for orders, and if I’m honest, I haven’t been motivated to do anything else. BUT I’ve whipped up a couple of items for myself this month, and I’m super excited about them. Mainly this baby:

The Mommy Poppins Bag by Sew Fearless

Let’s just ignore the fact that I totally didn’t set up my home “studio” to take proper pictures of this bag because THAT’S how much I love it. Seriously, a Mary Poppins bag for ME? And it’s pretty evident that I’m not the only psyched out woman out here because when I posted it on my Facebook wall, lots of friends asked me a ton of questions about it.

Mommy Poppins

Now, to let you know this pattern took about four hours to cut and sew up, and I had to wait for the hardware to come from Hong Kong, BUT it was worth the wait. I think it took longer for me to decide what fabric to use than the entire process of ordering hardware and sewing it up. If you look closely in the picture, you’ll see some black and white fabric which was already cut and ready to sew up when I changed my mind. Yeah, I’m that person.

I will admit to having some problems with the curved corners, but that’s an issue that I always have. I am not a pro when it comes to easing a piece of fabric down along a curve (hence the reason I don’t sew more flare skirts for myself.) so it’s a bit wonky. But guess what? I do NOT care. I get tons of compliments whenever I carry this bag, and it traveled with me to Minnesota last week for National Box Tops University.

The front with a pocket flap. It closes with a magnetic button, and extends the length of the bag. Mommy Poppins Back of the bag with another pocket. I love the little piece of accent fabric that sticks up from it. It finishes the bag so nicely. Mommy PoppinsMommy Poppins InsideAnd the hardware shot! This is my first time using this type of opening/closing function for my bag, and I think I’m a bit enthralled.The fabric covering isn’t distributed correctly, and that’s completely my fault. I also only put two inside pockets in, because in my desire to just sew, I didn’t think to follow fabric allowances. I do love it though, and I hope to be able to do some more and list them in my etsy shop. Oh, yeah, the shop that has no listings as of now.

So, there you have it, one of the bigger projects I did this month. Stay tuned for another Dog Under My Desk Special, Shwin & Shwin’s Maxwell Pants, and a Sew Sweetness Foldover bag! Those should all be up next Thursday (I think.) 

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  • Reply
    June 21, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Love how this one turned out – one of my favorites!

  • Reply
    Thriftanista in the City
    June 21, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Love the fabric. The bag looks great.

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