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The Ladybug & Her Blanket: The Story

Yesterday, I shared a picture of the ladybug and her blanket. It might not have been important to you, but don’t let HER hear you say that. That blanket is important around these parts, and we’ve turned the car around after getting BLOCKS away to make sure that we have it. My mother has vowed to never EVER leave without it. That blanket has V.I.P status.

One of my good friends from high school bought the blanket for the ladybug while I was still pregnant with her. It’s made of a very soft fleece like fabric (but it’s not fleece) and you would think that I would know what it was since I sew. No chance. It’s literally cream, with pink and brown polka dots, but you wouldn’t know that now with the amount of wear and tear that has gone into it. I’m pretty sure it’s TEEMING with bacteria at any given time, and we often have to rescue it for deep washing while she is napping away.

We learned just how deep her infatuation with this blanket was during one of our laundry sessions, where it kept “leaving” the basket. Mr. Houseful and I both thought the other was taking the blanket out to give to her. She loves it just that much. I was tempted to hide it forever, but the way that she can be calmed just by one of us bringing her a blanket at night is worth a couple  more months of dealing with it.

I’m pretty sure that the break is on the horizon. There was an entire week that she refused to take it to her bed, and didn’t need it to cuddle up on the couch while I read her a story. She even insisted on eating her lunch and dinner without it. Either way, this blanket has definitely earned a special place in all of the hearts of our houseful.

Until then, I’ll still smile as she holds on to her blanket while I’m doing photo shoots of her hair. And if you’re trying to figure it out, she likes to place the blanket right under her nose, but on the top of her upper lip. For a while, we thought she was sucking on it because it would be wet. Then we found out the gross truth. She would hold it under her nose while she was sick…with a runny nose….for hours at a time. Now, do you understand why we have to kidnap the blanket while she sleeps?! It’s absolutely cringeworthy, but like I stated earlier, this keeps her quiet. I’ll deal with a little nose runnings on a blanket if it keeps my ladybug happy and quiet, and still. Because the days are soon coming that she may only give me one out of the three.

~Make It A Fantastic Day!!!

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Thursday 26th of April 2012

I went through this with my second oldest daughter. My sister had brought her the red Teletubby from the PBS show. I think his name was "Po" or something like that. Anyway she would sleep, eat, dance with it. She even tried to bathe it once. I despise that toy because it was so hard to keep clean. I tried to hide it so many times but it did calm her down when no one else could. And you just can't keep that from your child. Well, my baby is now 13yrs old and has found solace in the Disney Channel and the boy band Mindless Behavior to make her happy. But that red teletubby still sits on her dresser. I find her just holding it from time to time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.