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1,001 People That Suck Book Tour

    Kerri Kochanski, Author of 1,001 People That Suck is fed up with bad humanity and unkind behavior, and is “calling people out.” Championing kindness, tolerance, and understanding, the book “publicly shames” people who commit social crimes. As…

30 Days Of Thanks

November is here! While it came a little faster than anticipated, I’m still excited! Why? Because the world tends to get a little bit nicer around the time November rolls around. Just coming off of a Halloween bash and…

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

The Houseful Reads – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I am totally enthralled with this book right now. And it isn’t because it is so thought provoking, or anything like that. It’s the fact that the author has totally captured my attention within the first three pages. By…

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