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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I am totally enthralled with this book right now. And it isn’t because it is so thought provoking, or anything like that. It’s the fact that the author has totally captured my attention within the first three pages.

By intertwining history with fiction, this openly proud nerd was caught.

The author takes on the role as the actual narrator as well. By not giving this position to someone else, it’s almost as if the entire story is indeed true. To me, that works. Like I said, this is not very deep literature, but you feel cool because things that you have learned in history class come up over and over again. Like that pesky CROATOAN mystery from several hundred years ago.

It’s pretty enthralling to see the characters that Abraham Lincoln meets as well, and why he is as noble as he is. I also love the “real” reasons behind the Emancipation Proclamation as well.

The reason that I ended up with this book in the first place is the fact that I saw a preview on IMDb. Tim Burton directing didn’t hurt the cause either. While I am not a fan of complete and total horror flicks, this seems like it is just teetering on the brink of dark without being horribly frightening.

Truth be told, I will be buying tickets to see this one as well. But only after I finish the book. I’m also pretty geeked that I am back to getting books under the belt for my personal challenge of 100 books read this year. HOORAH!

What books that have now been made into movies have you enjoyed in the past?

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