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30 Days Of Thanks

November is here! While it came a little faster than anticipated, I’m still excited! Why? Because the world tends to get a little bit nicer around the time November rolls around. Just coming off of a Halloween bash and moving into Thanksgiving and other Holidays tend to soften the hardest of hearts, and make us all love each other a little bit more. Even if election day is RIGHT around the corner.

Ah, I crack myself up.

Anyhoo, this month, I’ll attempt to post a thing that I am thankful for daily. It may be huge, it may be menial, but it’s my thing to be grateful for. I encourage you to try it – and mean it – and continue it, even if you don’t blog about it.

Today, I am grateful for books. Yes, you read that right. Books. My family has been devouring them lately, and they are causing some pretty interesting conversations around the Houseful. We’re even seeing the twizzlers reach for books and hand them off to myself or Mr. Houseful for a impromptu storytime – or one cleverly timed just before a nap or bedtime.

Books take you to far away places when you don’t have the money. They allow you to become a hero or heroine. They allow you care about fictional characters because you can.

They are awesome.

Because of my love for books – I’ve agreed to host the Scholastic Book Fair at the school that the cellist attends again.

There’s something about being surrounded by all those great stories, just waiting to be told, and being able to share them with an entire school.

So, today, I tip my hat to those broken spines, and worn, worried, and dog-eared copies of whatever novel, historical drama, sci-fi, or non-fiction piece you’re reading.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.