Easy Sides for School Days : Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad


As the start of the school year comes for us, I have to mentally prepare myself to be out of the house even more than I was this summer. With drop off and pick up, after school activities and volunteer responsibilities, it seems that I’ll have very little time to plan for longer cooking times outside of my slow cooker. So, being able to create my entrees in my slow cooker, and throw a side into a pot for the time that it will take to get everyone settled and seated for dinner is important to me. Suddenly Grain Salad provides a great side option, and one that is healthier to boot. 

Preparation is done with just a pot and bowl, and it does take 17 minutes for the grains to cook, so make sure that everything else will end at about the same time, and you’ll be all set for dinner without having to wait.  The Houseful tried out the Tuscan Grain blend, and I was pleasantly surprised that all of the littles asked for more. They love couscous and rice,  (pasta and a grain) so I was interested to see how they would react to these. 


I will say that the cook time is about the same cook time from cooking these from scratch, but the fact that all of the seasonings and bits of vegetables are included in the packet saves SOME time. The first batch I made, I forgot to rinse the grains in cold water, and mixed with the dressing while it was still warm. It didn’t change anything for me, but I like to follow rules when it comes to cooking. So, usually, I’d have a really pretty photo for you to show it plated all well and good, but this night I think that we were all starving, and no one could wait for my usual blogger antics: including me. We had it with fried chicken, and fresh tomato slices with salt and pepper. It was very filling, and has now made it on our regular rotation of sides. 


What’s another reason that I love these boxes showing up in my mailbox? Well, they have Box Tops for Education of course, and we can earn money for schools while we eat dinner! 



This product and information were provided to me by Platefull Coop 



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