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Sprint Encourages Us to Move Forward

Sprint Encourages Us to Move Forward
I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” #MoveForward #SprintMom 

This birthday month has proven to be full of fun, and entertainment, AND information to make my wannabe techie heart happy. I’m not sure how many of you know my love for Samsung, and their devices, but I got to check out a couple of the new phones and the new LG G4 (shhh, don’t tell Samsung) as well, during a information session with Sprint. It was great! 

One of the very first things that we learned about were gadgets. LOVE me a new gadget. LOVE it! There is something about having the newest toy for me, and it’s not necessarily about having it before everyone else, because nine times out of ten, I don’t, but the sheer fact that as a mom I have something NEW. Do you all feel me? In any case, I was able to hold the Samsung Edge, and Samsung Galaxy Note5 in my hands last week, and I may have cried tears of joy. Or, that could have been the looming cold that I caught. Either way, my heart did happy flips! Just so you know, this photo is taken with  my Note 3 of a Samsung Edge. Look at that clarity (from BOTH phones) and the general beauty of the Edge. Also, because I’m not a complete hater, they have a program for iPhone users that allows you to upgrade your iPhone every single time a new phone comes out. It’s called iPhone Forever, and should completely satisfy those of you antsy for new techonology like I am. 

New Samsung Edge

The real star of the show was the Direct 2 You. With this option for EVERYONE, Sprint will bring the store experience whenever and wherever you want it. Can’t get out of the house because you’re a homeschooler? No problem! Sprint will come to you, and set your device up while you wait. Need to make sure that your husband picks that phone up on time? No problem, Sprint can meet him at work and set it up while he still shines bright for those depending on him. Easy, peasy, and SO convenient for those of us who always seem to be on the go, but don’t have enough time to go where we need. 

Sprint's Direct 2 You Service

To top all of that off, we received an LG G4 phone for participation, and I have not been able to pry it out of Mr. Houseful’s hands since. He’s loving the ease of the phone, and how clear the photos are. I do want to note that I did indeed make fun of his last phone’s photo taking skills, and now he thinks he’s cooking with gas. 


To keep learning about what Sprint is doing, and how they are moving forward, check out the conversations on Sprint Mom. You may even see yours truly there! 


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Monday 28th of September 2015

Sprint Encourages Us to Move Forward

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