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Simply Saline Saves The Day

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Chicago. The Windy City, one of the best metropolises in our country and THE metropolis of the midwest. It is also one of the most brutal places to live when it comes to weather. We get the worst of summer (allergies) and fall (allergies) and winter (allergies, sinus infections, snow and cold) and spring (allergies and rain.) During BlogHer, I received complimentary full-sized samples of Simply Saline, and at first, I didn’t think that we would crack all of those babies open until the heart of winter or at least next summer. Was I wrong!

Simply Saline The entire month of October has been allergy, cold and sinus hades for our Houseful. It started with me the WEEK OF MY ANNIVERSARY and ended with Lil Miss Twizzler ending up in the emergency room. Let’s just say, the very little sleep I do manage to get was cut back even more last month.

When I got sick, it started with lots of sneezing which I thought was just allergies, but quickly turned into a drippy nose fest complete with a chest cold. While normally, having some sort of issue run its course would leave me with a very dry and raw nose. I mean, the nose blowing alone needs its own time to heal.

Well, after using both the allergy and nighttime Simply Saline formulas, I didn’t have any issues with dry nose syndrome. It helped to keep my nasal passage moisturized during a time when all medication wants to dry it completely out in order to get rid of whatever is bothering it.

As an aside, I’ve realized that I can not deal with taking Dayquil and actually trying to stay up. I feel like what I imagine a functioning addict would feel. I get the shakes. So, from here on out, no matter if it’s nine in the morning or evening, Nyquil it is.

Okay, let’s focus. I have four different bottles of Simply Saline pictured, and I’ve only told you about two. The other two are simple. One is for children, who may have a hard time getting everything out of their noses before it dries to a ridiculous consistency. Then you have to deal with either them picking, or letting them walk around looking like an extra for the Walking Dead. Obviously, Simply Saline will soften the gunk, and allow for easier removal. They even have it in a baby formula, which I saw during a CVS run last night.

The last Simply Saline bottle is just a regular nasal relief mist that you can use to relieve a dry or irritated nose in general.

These mists are meant to be sprayed and just stay. They are supposed to dribble out into a sink, or a tissue that you hold under your nose (I’ve refrained from taking a photo and posting it, so you can thank me now) to allow all of the gunk to run out. If you suffer with pollen, dirt, dust or anything else irritating you during ANY season, I’d bet that you could find a Simply Saline solution and make it better.

Before anyone comes through here, it is ALWAYS implied that you consult a doctor before using anything, even if it is over the counter, and KNOW that I’m not that doctor! I also received this product during BlogHer and I’m writing a review because I used it – no one asked me to, and I’m pretty sure we all know that these opinions are all mine, no?

So, which season is the worst for you? Have you used Simply Saline? If so, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT?! As you were.


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Antonia D. Hardin

Sunday 29th of December 2013

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