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Seeds to Sow Directly in May

Seeds to Sow Directly in May

Hey there sower and growers! It’s May 1st, and it’s time to get outside and plant DIRECTLY into the dirt. I know, I know, where some of us live, it’s still slightly chilly, and quite wet, but it’s the PERFECT time to plant your root veggies, and some others that will need quite a bit of time to germinate and grow for a great harvest. 

Seeds to Sow Directly in May


It’s been a LONG time since the last time we were out in the community garden working in the dirt, but I’m chomping at the bit to get there. This past Saturday, Mr. Houseful mowed most of that quarter acre of land, and he still has more to do, because we have large items to move around. However, we can SEE the raised beds, and now people know that there is planting soon coming! 

What I’m MOST looking forward to eating is the spinach that will be harvested soon. There’s nothing like fresh spinach, and since it wilts so small after sauteing it, I love having a large bed of it to pick from to eat. 

This garden is my heart and my passion. I know that we will have another great harvest year, and that we’ll have an awesome chicken coop, and we won’t have a random dog break into it and play a little bit too rough with the girls. 

Anyway, there’s still room in our group for gardening lovers, and it provides a great space for you to ask questions from folks who love to talk gardening technique as much as you love learning about it! 

If you get a chance to peek in, check it out HERE and share some photos of what you’re growing. We LOVE photos in there! Pretty soon, it will be time for most of us to start transplanting our seedlings to catch up with most of our neighbors to the south! 

Until then, HAPPY GROWING! 

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Friday 5th of May 2017

I'll have to give some of these a try. I have a green(ish) thumb, so I might actually be able to get these to grow.


Thursday 4th of May 2017

I wish I was good at growing things. I still have been working on a tiny garden, but it just looks so sad. I hope to try planting some of these veggies some day. I'm determined not to give up!


Thursday 4th of May 2017

I didn't know you could plant all of this already. I need to start my garden.


Thursday 4th of May 2017

Thanks for the reminder. I will pin this... we finally have a nice weekend here. It's been cold and rainy the last week or so.


Thursday 4th of May 2017

We're getting ready to put in lettuce. Weather has finally turned, so now is the time!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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