I Have A Scent Issue – and Pumpkin is My Choice Lately #SmellsClean

And it’s not as bad as you think. I’m a lover of smell goods, and usually it’s things that smell like food. Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Banana Nut Bread, etc. I LOVE this time of year, when I can put candles on, and let the scent gingerly waft through the house to make it smell like I’ve been baking all day. There is something about being able to sit and relax to a soothing smell. Before we go on, I do need to stop and tell you that this post was brought to you on behalf of SC Johnson and all pumpkin opinions are my own. 

Holiday Scented Air Care from SC Johnson #SmellsClean

Let’s be honest, how many of you smell the scents in the air care aisle? *raises hand-s* I do. It drives Mr. Houseful nutty, but I do it anyway. I usually stay away from pine or smells that are too fruity and go straight for the baked goods. ALL. THE. TIME. It probably started when I got my first apartment in college and just got a teensy bit stronger after we moved into this house. I’m pretty sure it will be Level Pumpkin (orange – get it?) when we move into our brand spankin’ new home that smells of paint at the moment. Right now, the house just smells wondrously of hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin – almost like I’m running a bake shop 24/7. At the moment in my office, I’m using a glade warmer that was gifted to me by a wonderful volunteer group that was working on our home a couple of weeks back with the Pumpkin Pie wax melts, and it smells warm. I absolutely love it, and now I don’t feel like I only smell fibers or paper whenever I enter the space. 

There is always something about the onset of fall that lets me know that it’s time to gear up to stock up on my fall scents. I know that I do have a few friends who are already over the pumpkin takeover, and I’m sorry for her, but it’s going to be around my house for about the next three months. Even better is now that I’ve purchased the diffuser, I only have to purchase refills of the scents that I love, instead of an entirely new method to disperse the smell. The Acadia Sweet Vanilla and Pumpkin scent (the bottom right corner) has been placed in the room that our oldest dwells in the majority of the time. It doesn’t cover the nice boy smell that he brings in daily from school, but instead eases it out of the room. We don’t walk into an offensive wall of horseplay and outside elements any longer. 

I decided to put the double scent of  toasted almond and caramel in the room that EVERYONE uses (the bathroom) because I now have SIX individuals using the throne regularly. While initially I was a bit reserved in placing it here, I was happy to see that I could use several settings to either give off a low level to high level scent. I chose the low level scent, and it doesn’t mess with anything, yet keeps everything that could offend one when passing by the bathroom in the middle of the night, at bay. 

While I’m in love with what I’ve been sent, and also with what I’ve purchased, I do need to warn you that these scents are limited edition, and you will need to stock up on them before they are gone! 

What’s your favorite go to scent in your home? Tell me what you do to make sure that your house #SmellsClean



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  • Reply
    October 3, 2014 at 6:56 am

    I usually like fruity scents, but I’m starting to crave fall scents, too. Banana bread, cinnamon, you know WARM, cozy smells! Sweet Vanilla and Pumpkin might be right up my alley…

  • Reply
    Andrea @ MouseInMyPocket.com
    October 3, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    I’ve been stuck on Chai Spice myself, but I generally try to avoid any scents that smell like food. They always either make me want to eat or go work out… unfortunately, it’s usually eat.

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