Yearning for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I haven’t had a phone upgrade in more than three years. That will change now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is here. 

My phone screen is cracked, and yet it still allows me to stay up to date with all of my connections, shattered screen and all. It’s because it’s a Samsung Note. However, I’m longing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because it’s newer, and faster, and shinier. I got a chance to hold it in my hands at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, California earlier this month, and it didn’t quench the fire for wanting the phone at all. Those flames are burning brighter, and I can’t wait until I can hold my new toy in my hands soon. 

This photo was taken in the Best Buy booth at #BlogHer16 and I almost didn’t want to move over to let the next person hold it. Honestly, the Note has been one of my favorite mobile phones ever. I also learned that about 50% of cell phone users overpay. With the Best Buy Mobile Plan and Compare tool, you can see if you’re paying too much for your cell phone service, and make the change if you need to! Available at all Best Buy stores, you can check it out while you’re purchasing your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. 

Samsung Note 7 at the Best Buy booth at #BlogHer16

Guess what else the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is sporting? 

– Waterproof up to 5 feet for up to thirty minutes. I’m still free of dropping phones in water (knocks on wood) but, this is a great addition to my cell phone arsenal. 
– The camera is SO SLICK (for you non-Chicagoans, that means that it’s AWESOME!) and perfect for those lowlight situations. Perfect for me in church, in restaurants when I’m taking photos of my food before eating it, and in the middle of the house for my IG and Snapchat photos. 

– Writing with the S-Pen while the phone is off! You can take notes on your screen and save it! I will NEVER forget a blog post idea again! Ever, you know, unless I just forget to write it down in general, but that won’t be the fault of my new phone! 

I can’t wait until I have mine in my hands (hopefully next week) soon. Have you ordered yours? Or will you wait for a bit. Let me know! 


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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