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Rocking Education With Alphabet Rockers

I bet someone thought that we were done with homeschooling. Not in the least my lovelies, I just don’t blog about it like I should. One of these days, I will become as organized as I pin  about.

However, I do come bearing a gift to all of you!

Earlier this year, my friend Laura (of Push Pack fame) , introduced  me to Kaitlin McGaw and her educational hip-hop group the Alphabet Rockers. I was able to review two CD’s and I’m not sure which one is my favorite. The first one: Alphabet Rockers GO! is all about the senses. Teaching children the five senses throughout the CD with a hip hop beat. Each sense gets its own track, and they are super easy for kids to memorize and dance to. All lyrics are kid friendly – even the twizzlers love to move to the beats!

The next CD is Back To School – The Remix – and all of the tracks deal with things that school aged children will have to deal with in some shape, form, or fashion. The track that really made me pause and take note right off the bat was “The New Kid In School,” because at one point in time I was that kid, and I also feel that it can apply to almost any situation with children. The new kid on the playground, the new kid in play group, the new kid at the library, the new kid at church. The lesson in the song is what is great. I find myself using lyrics to support lessons that the ladybug has been learning and it usually clicks. Long speech, and frustrated kid – averted!

In each of these CD’s the messages are clear and concise, and most songs don’t go any longer than two and a half minutes. You may even find that your children have memorized most of the lyrics the second or third time listening to the tracks.

I may also need to warn you that you may find yourself bopping to the beat while writing up the blog post about it.

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Arelis Cintron @DjRelAt7

Thursday 14th of March 2013

Homeschooling is on my list of things to research once the kids start coming :) Thanks for sharing these CDs with us!

Sylvia Fuller

Sunday 10th of March 2013

the good old fashioned "ABC" song! learned it in the olden days, and it hasn't changed ;)

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