Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science & Industry

Yesterday was a FULL day for us here at the houseful. We   took homeschooling outside and visited Robot Revolutions at the Museum of Science and Industry which we were given complimentary passes to. Part of me always worries just a little bit if I’m introducing subject matter that we haven’t covered at home just yet, but if experience serves correct, I should just stop worrying. The littles had a BLAST and so did I. My glutes are letting me know it too. 

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

We did leave LOTS of time to explore the rest of the 1.2 million square foot museum, and I’m glad we did. We went from discussing robots to talking about World War II and the U505 Submarine that was captured by the United States in 1944. I digress. Before you visit the museum, know that Robot Revolution requires a timed ticket for entry, and you’ll be happy that it does. It allows for museum visitors to enjoy the space without overcrowding, and to actually be able to take part in the interactive setups there. By the way, Ryder came along for the trip too, and if you’re noticing that he’s in a lot more, it’s because he travels with me on business trips as well. We were welcomed to the exhibit by the robot above – the RoboThespian who regaled us with lyrics from the BeeGees. It also explained the importance of robots and what we would see throughout the exhibit. 

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

Our entry time was a bit early in the morning, so we had a good shot of being able to visit all of the areas before school groups came in. That would be my first piece of advice for you. If you can get to the museum as soon as it opens, it will give you a good cushion of time to explore before large groups come in. End of the school year is probably not the best time because so many teachers are using up field trip days or budgets and finishing curriculum with their students. As a kid I loved it, but as a parent with three small children it can be a lesson in patience (for me) when so many large children (to me, I’m 5’2″) surround my children and kind of look over them. It’s also made me encourage them to speak up for their rights in line NOW so they don’t become timid in the future. Sometimes it’s scary telling a teenager that they cut you in line and you’re only 6! 

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

This area is where we spent most of our time. Here adults and children alike are encouraged to build their own robots and think about what they want them to do. The ladybug wanted her robot to spin around in a circle, and she kept fiddling with pieces including the battery, which everyone needs, and rotators until she got the robot that she needed. Fostering a love of science, technology, and engineering with my girls seemed to be out of my league – well not the science part since I majored in biology – and this was the perfect way to breach the subject in a BIG way. Sir Twizzler was enthralled as well, but he seemed interested more in playing Baxter in games of Tic-Tac-Toe. 

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

OMRON was a bit of a sassy computer as it led folks around the exhibit explaining things that it did. If you got too close it would stop, beep and then state in a singsong voice that you were too close, please step back now. 

I do believe that visitors to the museum should take time to visit this exhibit. If you’re really into interacting with everything, it will take about an hour to get through. We stayed a bit longer, because the robot building just got to be too good. 

Museum of Science & Industry is open from 9:30 am until 4pm . Check their site for ticket and parking information. 

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  • Reply
    May 23, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    What a bunch of fun! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

  • Reply
    Kirstin Fuller
    May 23, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    This seems like a fun and eclectic museum. I think kids and adults would love it. I know I would because I love sci-fi stuff!

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