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The Perfect Grilled Cheese: Full Of Words Wednesday

The Perfect Grilled Cheese: Full Of Words Wednesday

Grilled Cheese

So, I kind of goaded you into coming here under false pretenses. I do not in fact know how to make the perfect grilled cheese, although the perfect sandwich pictured above was indeed one of my own creation. I happened to lay waste to the grilled cheese sandwiches that Mr. Houseful has been winning my children over with for the last several years. It was pretty, it was tasty, and it was a total fluke. I did however take photos along the way to give you a sort of synopsis of what I did do. 

I used my brand new cast iron skillet that I purchased from Walmart (a Lodge – it’s the 12″ one that’s 2″ deep) to make these sandwiches and I’m a believer that this is what puts mine higher than my husband.  Do not interrupt the dreaming. 

Started with a fully heated pan – low temp since cast iron holds heat VERY well – lessons learned from cooking as a kid – and melted a tablespoon of butter in it. As soon as it started melting, I put a piece of bread (we had white bread in the house at the time, so that’s what I’m using) on it. I immediately topped with cheese (this is Fontina – although a combo of something a bit saltier would have set this off to a more perfect perfection) and let that start melting. 

Cast Iron Skillet/Butter Melting

Can you see the mound of butter in the middle of the bread? Yeah, I’m getting all my fat content with this here sandwich. 

Cast Iron Skillet, Toasted Bread

Add the Fontina, or whatever combination of cheeses you will use. Yes, cheeses. I want to copy Panera and use six cheeses the next time I make these. I’m putting it on a CALENDAR people! Make the six cheese deliciousness that is going to cause Mr. Houseful to weep in defeat when he tastes it. 

Cast Iron Grilled Cheese Fontina

Put the other slice on top of the cheese after it has started to melt

Cast Iron Skillet, Grilled Cheese

And then…..


Now, to maximize the flipping quality of the sandwich, you MUST wait until the cheese is at least semi melted so that it grabs hold to the second slice of bread. And then you’ll get this: 

2014-03-05 11.21.29

Which you then cut into this: 

And then send a text message to your husband crowning yourself champion of the Grilled Cheese in your home and then run around in victory. 

Perfect Grilled Cheese

So, tell me, how do you make the perfect grilled cheese? What cheese do you put on it? What kind of bread do you use? SHARE! 

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Notorious Spinks

Friday 30th of May 2014

I love this. They look so good. I'll have to try a six cheese one.

Sarah Parisi

Friday 2nd of May 2014

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Gabriel Taylor

Friday 2nd of May 2014

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Nicole WillJam

Friday 2nd of May 2014

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Tuesday 29th of April 2014

The Houseful Reloaded: The Perfect Grilled Cheese: Full Of Words Wednesday

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