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Betty Crocker Watermelon Cupcakes – Get Into Summer

Betty Crocker Watermelon Cupcakes – Get Into Summer

Betty Crocker Watermelon Cake Mix

To those of you who may be dreaming of warm summer days, sitting out during a picnic and eat sweet succulent watermelon, I have a surprise for you. Betty Crocker has paired up with Target stores, and is now offering Betty Crocker Watermelon Cake mix, and I was courageous enough to try it, just in case you all were wondering!

Watermelon Cake Mix Betty Crocker

First off, I will say this, I am not a fan of anything watermelon flavored EXCEPT watermelon. No popsicles, no bubblegum, no candy. This still stands, even with this post. HOWEVER, I will say, that I am not above letting my children enjoy a treat or two even if I’m not really appreciative of the flavors. 

Fear not! The cake mix does indeed come with green watermelon flavored icing as well. If you were looking for a way to change this up, I would consider adding a 1/4 or 1/2 a cup of mini chocolate chip morsels to give the cupcakes, or cake, a more intense seeded look. I didn’t, and just settled with the flecks of seeds in the batter. I should have totally pimped this photo out with my Betty Crocker measuring cups, but we can’t win them all, can we? 

Watermelon Cake Mix Batter

I chose to do cupcakes for several reasons. One, kids can deal with those better than a slice of cake (well, I tell myself that to justify giving just a cupcake anyway,)two,  I’m giving half of the batch to others, and didn’t want to slice cake up, and three, I had cupcake wrappers that I wanted to use up. 

Watermelon Cupcakes

Then the fun begins with frosting – or is it icing? Either way, I find it therapeutic. Something about it reminding me of childhood. Although my version has a yellow cake being made by my mother, frosted, and then having a basket weave pattern put on top of the cake. 

2014-03-11 13.55.38

I’m not sure if children inherently know when food is cooking, of if that’s just my children, but as SOON as I was done icing these bad boys, the three littles came peeking their heads around our kitchen corner. Of course, the ladybug spoke up and asked if I was finished taking photos for a blog post. What does she know about that?! They enjoyed them, and I was glad to make them happy for at least 15 minutes of the day. 

2014-03-11 14.03.05

So, would you make these (you won’t hurt my feelings if you say no, I promise)? I know that I could possibly do it again to take in as a school treat, or something like that when we’re cutting box tops (oh, btw – these come with box tops for education as well!) I earned three while making this! The cake mix, the frosting, and the Reynold’s baking cups! Cha-ching! 

Betty Crocker Watermelon Box Tops

I will say, I do love that this recipe only took three eggs, water, and some vegetable oil, and you were well on your way. Super easy to bake up in case you forgot that it was your turn to be snack mom for the class! It’s also a great treat to make for St. Patrick’s Day this year! 

Betty Crocker Watermelon Cake Mix Cupcakes

Disclosure: I am a part of Platefull Co-Op and received the cake mix and icing to make and give a review. 

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Holly Spangler

Saturday 15th of August 2015

Holly Spangler liked this on Facebook.

Shonda Giddins

Saturday 15th of August 2015

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Wednesday 15th of July 2015

I made these for the guys and they just loved them. I did not use the canned frosting though. I made my own from confection sugar and used lemon flavoring. They were really good and so refreshing. I lightly tinted the frosting green and that was also tempting.


Friday 22nd of May 2015

I love watermelon and couldn't wait to try the mix. I made a cake and used the frosting. The cake wasn't so bad but the frosting was disgusting! I'm sorry that I spent money on the boxed mix and the can of frosting....... money wasted!

Carolyn Beedon

Wednesday 20th of August 2014

I was wondering are these able to be purchased in australia

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