Our Project 52: From Where I Stand {8/52}


It’s been a long four weeks in between my last Project 52 post, and I really do intend to make them up, because I actually took the pictures for them, and I’m not a person that wastes perfectly good photos. I can’t do that! 

These photos are the outtakes from a homeschooling post that is coming up about fine motor skills, and this is a view from me standing over the twizzlers. Lil’ Miss is starting to enjoy being the subject of photos now, and when she’s the star, she’s fully ON. I love it! I even love the little gap in her top front teeth even more. She’s all about showing that gap off, and I’m hoping that she stays as confident as she is now. 

Sir Twizzler always has his focal point right smack dab in his eyes. He’s super serious, and the smiling that he does with his eyes is spectacular. Otherwise, it’s just a super serious look where he looks as if he will have you sit down in a rocking chair with him, and he’ll tell you stories about the time that he and his friends walked to and from school barefoot, 25 miles roundtrip. Then he’d give you a kiss smack dab on the lips – well, he’d kiss me anyway. 

From where I stand, I have some of the greatest kids this side of heaven, and they let me know that sometimes they think that they have a great set of parents as well. 

This week, I’m linking up with Mimi and LaShawn for their Our Project 52 yearlong photo series. It’s to make us all better photographers, and to share a little bit more of ourselves on our blogs . each week. You can link up whether you have a blog or not. Just share the link to where your photograph is on either of their blogs, and you’re in! If you’re on Instagram make sure to use the #OurProject52 hashtag, and everyone will be able to find you! Most of all, we’re just all here to have fun, right? 


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    Andrea @ MouseInMyPocket.com
    February 26, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    I love those shots of the Twizzlers. I don’t think it would be possible to take a bad photo of them. Congrats on having such wonderful kids (and being a great mom).

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    Our Project 52: From Where I Stand {8/52}
    March 9, 2015 at 9:17 am

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