NEW Zootopia Clips #Zootopia

Zootopia is slated to open in theaters everywhere next Friday, and I have three new clips to share with you! Mr. Houseful and I have  found a great theater around our home to take the kids that has reclining seats. We tested it out about a week ago with a grown up movie, so we’re pretty sure they’ll love it! 

Given the theme of this month about Black History, and segregation, I think that the entire premise for Zootopia is going to really help tie in a lot of what we’ve been learning in homeschool. Lots to think about when the zoo’s police force doesn’t want to let a BUNNY become one of them. Of course, I know that they weight of the feature won’t be that strong for my little ones, but I’m looking forward to the conversations that come from seeing this! Conversations about being fair to ALL people, and making sure that we treat others as we want to be treated. 

Before I lose you from being a bit too deep this Saturday morning, I wanted to share three new clips that are available now, and let you know that this film opens March 4th (Mr. Houseful’s birthday weekend, what a GREAT way to celebrate) and is perfect for every age. I’ve learned that going to the movies with the little ones counts as field trips – according to them, and it’s just a great way to get out and discuss very real things in a way that they understand, although they still want to know out why the mom’s never ever get to live in Disney movies. Ha! 

So, tell me. Are you excited to see this movie? Since we don’t watch much television in real time, we miss out on a lot of the previews that air during commercial time, so it’s nice to see these new clips and anticipate what a great time we’ll have as a family, and what great conversation will prevail long after we leave the movie theater. Zootopia in theaters March 4

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