Macy’s Fashion: Featuring Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears

Macy's, Matt Forte

I consider myself a pretty lucky gal. I got to hang out at Macy’s last week (again – I should really apply there. Hee hee.) and semi-meet Matt Forte and watch several men stand on pedestals and model clothing, and really, really, really bright smiles. I also got to listen to music from the 80’s and 90’s. You know, when you could understand most of the words (even though strung together they probably made absolutely no sense) over the techno or hip hop beat?

Macy’s hosted a Men’s fashion show right smack dab in the middle of the men’s floor, and provided all of the women who decided to come, (because who REALLY shops for the men in our lives) with live mannequins and the ability to sniff the men’s cologne in a much more relaxed manner than the way our perfumes are offered.

Matt Forte was in the building to sign autographs and chat a little with the people who came and stood in line to see him. It was packed, and he was gracious. It’s so nice to see someone famous be nice.

DSC_2246 DSC_2248 DSC_2249This duo was one set of dj’s present to pump up the jam for all of us in attendance. Did you check out the ol’ school 1’s and 2’s?
DSC_2251 DSC_2252 DSC_2253 I swear, I believe that all of these models had the obligatory tooth sparkle ever-present on television. The smiles were bright and they were so hospitable in posing for those of us with cameras. DSC_2254

This dj was spinning the 90’s hits. I may have cut a step or two in the middle of the men’s floor. DSC_2255 Can I just say that I’m a bit jealous at the ability to have people come TO you to take photos OF you? Really, they just stood there, and we flocked.DSC_2257 I did get to hang out with my friend Lisa and we struck a pose in front of the Macy’s step and repeat like any blogger worth their salt would do.

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