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Laughing With Gusto

Laughing With Gusto

Thanks to Poise Impressa Bladder Supports for partnering with me to tell you why I #TrustImpressa, all opinions are my own 

One of the things that I loved about my husband when I first met him 22 years ago was his ability to make me laugh. One of those, deep in the belly, hearty laughs. He didn’t question the fervor in which I laughed, and seemed to enjoy pushing me to do more of it. Those days were long and carefree, and the threat of laughing until I almost wet my pants was just a phrase that I tossed around, because that’s what teenagers say when something is super funny. 

Trust Impressa to help keep you protected from light bladder leakage. #TrustImpressa

Now, it’s a sign of the oncoming apocalypse. After carrying several children – ending with a set of twins – my bladder ain’t loyal. Neither are the muscles that’s supposed to hold it in place. Yes, you’re welcome in learning a little bit MORE about my anatomy than you knew from the last time I posted about my light bladder leakage. It progressively got worse after having the ladybug, and just was shot to crap after carrying the twizzlers. Earlier last year I was searching for a product that help stop bladder leakage before it happened, AND wouldn’t require that I wear a pad  or suffer from “smell” embarrassment. Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are just that, and I depend on them so much. 

Trust Impressa to help keep you protected from light bladder leakage. #TrustImpressa

It took almost four years for me to acknowledge that I had a problem, and I’m trying to make sure that those of you who might be suffering from the same issues will go and find the Poise Impressa Bladder Supports to prevent light bladder leakage in general. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that you should find support in because like I stated in a previous post, smelling like urine is not the way to go. Especially when you may not even know that you’re peeing a little doing everyday things like walking, laughing, sneezing, dancing, or harvesting vegetables from the community garden that you started this year. Yes. Even that. I can also conveniently pick them up at my local Walmart whenever I’m there for one of my shopping trips. I think that it’s kind of reassuring to make this normal. To let ladies know that this is normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Natasha Nicholes of Houseful of NIcholes


Nothing sets me off as much as laughing though. And I laugh. A lot. Deeply. Fully. Everywhere I can. I love the feeling that I have from a great laugh, and I’m finding that my children and husband are the sources of my greatest laughter. Especially when they aren’t trying to be. Why just the other day, I was involved in a serious but hysterical conversation with Sir. Twizzler. This is how it went. Warning, nipples are discussed. 

Sir Twizzler: Do you have clown on your nipple?
Me: Blink, blink. Huh?
ST: CLONE! Do you have clone on your nipple?
Me: Um, no. Why would I have a clone on my nipple? And why are we discussing nipples now?
ST: Because I smell C-LONE!
Me: Oh, COLOGNE! No, I don’t have cologne on my nipple, and I don’t put cologne on my nipples. I have PERFUME on my wrists. Here smell it.
ST: Oh. That smells good. Daddy puts C-LONE on his nipple. When I grow up, I’m going to put clone on MY nipple.
Me: I guess buddy. And now, I must call daddy and interrogate him.

Weird but True Crazy 8 Tees

 When I say that I laughed like a loon y’all! I. LAUGHED. LIKE. A. LOON! Of course I did it after Sir Twizzler left so that I wouldn’t hurt his feelings, but the thoughts that come from that kid are HILARIOUS! I think that the fact that it is said so earnestly makes the crack up factor epic. It’s so much of what makes me crack up in the presence of my husband. I know that when I was a teenager, being with Mr. Houseful was always a lesson in holding my water. Since we couldn’t really “date,” (thanks Poppy) we spent a lot of our time talking and telling stories of what it was like growing up in our houses. The stories were side-splitting, or as side-splitting as one could be at 16 years of age. I spent lots of time yelling that he was going to make me wet my pants from laughing so hard. That actually never happened, at least it didn’t, until we had kids. The laughter is still plentiful, and so were the sudden sprints to the bathroom to keep from embarrassing myself. Poise Impressa Bladder Supports keeps that from happening now, and boy am I grateful, because the laughter can flow free. 

Nicholes wedding

I can laugh, with gusto. 




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