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Learning Virtually with Virtua School

Learning Virtually with Virtua School

It’s no question that this year has provided a unique possibility to school our children in virtual ways better than before. So many spaces providing options for homeschoolers to streamline the process of educating our children. I’m here for it.

Today, I’ll be sharing a little bit about the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op Virtua platform, and ways that it will benefit your homeschool experience in general.

This post is done in partnership with Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. All views and opinions are my own.

When looking at a virtual option to add to our homeschool routine, I need several things. Ease of use, and ability to streamline processes from paper to screen. You all have been here long enough to know that I’m what one would call an “easy homeschooler.” I like to not have to create anything. Just let me buy what I need, and let’s get to learning. I also need to be able to access it while on the road as long as I have a wi-fi signal. Back in the day when travel was normal, we’d often complete homeschool lessons on the road. It is a way for my children to stay on a routine, and for me to stay accountable.

What’s Virtua

Virtua School is powered by a tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting personalized pathways for every
student and powerful intervention data for teachers.

Virtua offers easy to digest lessons in the form of nuggets. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s something that my kids – well, two of them anyway – appreciate more than I care to admit. A nugget is a mini-lesson and a series of questions. The data and results from these nuggets are also used to personalize your child’s recommended path.

The program uses two forms of nuggets to process the path that will be best for your child.

1) A diagnostic nugget which has no learning material and only assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses through a series of questions. The data from these diagnostics are used to figure out which learning path your child will take with the program.
2) A normal nugget is a mini-lesson on a topic within a subject. These mini-lessons contain learning material in the form of revision cards or a video. Once your child has reviewed the learning material they will be asked a number of assessment questions to evaluate their understanding of the topic. At the end of completing a nugget, they will see their score out of100% Nuggets should take roughly 10 – 15 minutes to complete, which are perfect for learners who don’t sit in front of screens very long.

There are over 2000 of these mini-lessons in the big subject areas of Math, Science and Reading, along with the Virtua Library which houses books in both electronic and audio format, magazines, and the Muzzy language app.

Let’s Talk Intelligent Intervention

You’ll see above that I mentioned that Virtua uses artificial intelligence to create programs that work with your children in order to give them the best learning experience possible. This way, there isn’t any boredom, or continued plateauing. Instead, their minds are constantly challenged

How Easy Is Virtua to Use?

As long as you are comfortable using dashboards you’ll be just fine with Virtua. There are extensive training modules that walk you through usage if you need it. I didn’t have any issues assigning tasks, assignments and nuggets to my three learners, and they didn’t have any issues signing in to use the platform either.

Given that they are being raised in the virtual age, it’s no surprise that they used it without a hitch.

My tween is entering that stage where she isn’t too keen on school these days, but she is all about bite-sized lessons for sure. This platform breaks down lessons in just the right sized chunks for her.

If you’re interested in trying Virtua School, you can test it for $1 for your first month and if you like it, it’s only $29.99 after.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.