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Learning Sign Language With Mr. D Math

Learning Sign Language With Mr. D Math

As a grade school student, I had the privilege of learning sign language right beside my friends who were deaf. We were able to take classes together, and each student was provided with the tools to allow us to communicate with each other, so no one felt left out. I took it for granted that every child learned languages that way, and it never occurred to me how wrong I was.

When my youngest daughter expressed interest in learning sign language after seeing me have a conversation with one of our deaf neighbors. She seemed to be ready to take on an elective in her homeschool curriculum, so we decided to check out the self-paced classes offered by Mr. D Math of all places. Yep! A sign language course from a math site. Imagine that

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There are several courses offered on the Mr. D Math platform, but the one we will be focusing on today is Mr. D ASL I – other classes that are offered are listed below.

Mr. D Math Courses

Algebra I
Algebra II
Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
Math SAT
Math ACT
College and Career Readiness
Flamenco Dance
Flamenco Guitar
Train Like an Olympic Runner
Study Skills

We chose the Mr. D ASL I class because of age and learning level for our 10 year old. She DID see the Flamenco Dance course and her eyes lit up, but things didn’t line up for that class. So, we started with Mr. D Math ASL I together and it’s brought me so much joy to be able to practice sign language with her.

Benefits Of Mr. D Math Self-Paced Classes

One of the things that my daughter loves about having a self-paced course is the fact that she controls how fast or slow she consumes the content. She can practice as much as she wants to without the pressure of needing to nail it on the first or second time. She’s a bit of a perfectionist, so to see her relax with a course and just enjoy the process makes me happy. She’s also the student who volunteers the most for these, so she’s excited to introduce herself to you via sign language!

Her teacher, Thia S., is a graduate of Galludet University, and majored in interpretation.

I know that I’ve reviewed other online courses because there are benefits for both parents and students with learning in this manner. Online courses give your students the opportunity to learn from another teacher, and experience different teaching styles outside of yours. Students can also learn to advocate for their learning pace by revisiting a lesson as necessary.

There are 30 lessons to complete with weekly help sessions given by the instructor. The class is then culminated with a review and final exam. She’s actually EXCITED about taking a final exam!

While I’m aware that a site called Mr. D Math is curated for teaching math to students, it’s nice to have options like Flamenco Dancing/ Guitar, Olympic Runner Training, and ASL. You can make sure to see which course is proper for your student by checking the course offerings and going from there.

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