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Kindergarten American History Curriculum

Kindergarten American History Curriculum

Ah, teaching history in homeschool. That means so much for different people, and I wanted to give my children an easy way to digest the very convoluted history of our nation, while also giving them the proper information. While we won’t be reviewing appropriate grade-level history for MY children today, I am providing a review of a history curriculum for those of you with kindergartners

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sonlight all opinions are my own.

History is the subject that my husband loves the most. Usually, he deep dives into lessons with the kids, and we may all have a case of the doe-eyed look when he gets excited. The thing is, he’s LOADED with knowledge, but not really thinking about the way that he presents the information. We get it all when he gets excited. Enter Sonlight and their Exploring American History: History / Bible / Literature K. Presented in easy to digest lessons for parents to teach, and children to learn.

I’ll be honest, I may have gone back in time a bit to line up the history lessons this week with the release of Hamilton on Disney+, but I digress. This curriculum is faith-based, meaning it includes scripture to accompany each week’s unit study.

We received the instructor guide and 2 volume history books from the curriculum, and not the accompanying literature to go along with it, so I’m only providing a review of those items and not the entire spread you see below. However, the items I’m reviewing can stand alone as a history curriculum.

Here’s why I love this curriculum so far

Easy to use for parents and students alike

I’m going to admit something here – I’ll stop using a curriculum if it feels like too much work on my part. I’m quite a relaxed homeschool teacher, and my children are DEFINITELY relaxed homeschool students. We aren’t on a strict routine, and we appreciate being able to learn (and teach) wherever we go.

Minimal Scheduling & Preparation

Did I mention that I was a relaxed homeschooler? Any excuse not to homeschool every single day is great for me (I sound SO bad, but my kids are learning, promise) and Sonlight has 4-day options for those of us who would rather take a Monday, Wednesday or Friday off. It even applies to those of you who want to take a Tuesday or Thursday off as well.

I also appreciate having everything laid out for me without having to gather too many supplies or do extra preparation.

Easy to Understand Units

The units are presented in easy to understand modules, and all include details that can be shared on the proper level for a kindergartner. Since we wanted to establish a foundation of history, we figured this curriculum was a great start. It was also fun for us to check out their unit on the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr since we know Hamilton is hitting the home screens on July 3rd!

My youngest daughter enjoyed writing down her thoughts as she read through the unit to see how much of the Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton unit coincided with the Hamilton musical. She was pretty impressed, and so was I at her motivation to compare and contrast.

What’s Included in this Curriculum

  1. Bible Verses
  2. History & Geography Lesson
  3. Correlating read-aloud literature

Not much to have to keep up with or pour over to acclimate yourself with. The joy though is, as easy as the content is for your kindergarten student to understand, it’s that easy for you to present as well.

If you’re still wondering if this curriculum is for you and your students, you can request a catalog or try a sample before you buy it.

Before you do that, let’s take a look inside!

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