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Irish Spring and Good Smelling Teen Boys

Irish Spring and Good Smelling Teen Boys

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For the record, my son normally smells good. He’s now in the throes of teenagedom, and he’s a dancer, and he’s joined tennis. For him, the soap that his siblings use isn’t for him. Basically, he wants his own scent, and I want something that isn’t going to make me go running from the house anytime he comes home from practice. The good thing is we both agree on Irish Spring Signature for Men, and now Mr. Houseful will have something HE can steal from Nate instead of the other way around! Look, he even has a mustache. Hair abounds, and well, yeah, sometimes the funk can infiltrate. I’m kind of happy that I have the same fervor that my mother had about making sure that my kids smell decent most of the time. I mean, I can’t control him DURING practice, but I can send him to school with the proper tools to make sure he doesn’t create a biohazard on the bus ride home. You can’t be cute and stink. It’s just not written in the stars. 


I’m not sure when I really started talking hygiene with Nathaniel. Probably when he started a life of tap dance in fourth grade, and I was greeted with the smell of his dedication in the car one afternoon. Now, I don’t have to worry so much about it, but I do have to make sure that he has a soap meant for HIM and the hands that are now larger than mine. Let’s not even discuss the fact that he’s taller than me, and well, almost 15. I can’t even. I’m not even going to try to figure out this teenage growth thing anymore. I just need to make sure that he smells NOT like a teenage boy. During a grocery trip to Walmart, I swung over to the body and health section and spotted it right away.


Even the packaging is manly, not at all like the “lame” packaging that other soaps offer. Did I mention he’s turning 15 this year? 


The thing that he noticed right off the bat is the fact that Irish Spring Signature for Men is made for man-sized hands. Once again, almost 15 years of age. Being referred to as a man, even from his soap makes him walk a little taller. He did inform me that there are several teenaged boys who may need me to drop some care packages off at his school soon. He loves the bigger cut bars of soap because they will last longer than the others. I like them because they have natural ingredients. 


While he won’t be taking the brick soaps to school with him, he will be able to transport the bottle of 3-N-1 body wash right with him in his duffel bag, and it won’t need any containers in general. I will say, the prospect of tennis this spring makes me happy, as prior to starting school, he wasn’t really interested in any sports, and we weren’t pushing him to be. Now, he’ll be involved, and he’ll have a happy mom and dad because he doesn’t smell offensive. 

If you’re worried about a smelly teen or husband/boyfriend/DAD in your life, skeedaddle on down to your local Walmart and pick up one of the four options that they have available. 

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Summer Davis

Sunday 29th of March 2015

So I totally did run down to Walmart to buy this for my teenage son, who doesn't even do anything remotely active like your son. He does, however; have that stinky teenage smell just from sitting around scratching his balls all day long. why do teen boys smell like FUNK!? #client

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