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I’m A #FlatOutLove Chicago Ambassador

I’m A #FlatOutLove Chicago Ambassador


This post is in collaboration with SparkFete and Flatout Bread. All thoughts and opinions are my own 

Flatout Bread #FlatoutLove Ambassador


Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce that I’m an ambassador with Flatout Bread promoting #FlatOutLove Flavor and my love of healthy foods when creating traditional Chicago flavor. Being able to make things like Chicago Style Pizza and Chicago Style hot dogs while using FlatOut bread products makes me happy! Being able to talk about how much I love my city while creating these meals, priceless. I am a true Chicagoan through and through, and spend lots of time showing off my city to visitors. It’s incredible. 

I can head out to my garden, pick fresh vegetables and come back in and have lunch handled in a jiffy! This definitely comes in handy for those late season veggies and homeschool starting next week. Having the children assemble their own meals takes a little bit of the responsibility off of me too, and allows them to feel self sufficient!

 While I have PLENTY to share with you, I’ll leave you with a teaser of the recipe that I’ll be sharing on ChicagonistaLIVE on September 21 at 2pm CST! I’ll also be sharing the winners recipe that day, and we’ll see it prepared LIVE!

Chicago #FlatoutLove Flavor Chicago Ambassador

Flatout bread comes in a variety of options. Foldover bread, pizza crusts, and wraps, so you can have your food in any way you want. Creating pizzas can become a family tradition for Fridays. With families being busier than ever, the convenience needs to come with healthy options, and this is perfect on both counts! Your kids and you can enjoy pizza every week, and you will know that you win by adding fresh ingredients to the meals. Plus, building family time is SO IMPORTANT these days. I don’t know about you, but our best times were in the kitchen and around the dining room table. Some of my best memories are from eating with my family. 

So, get your recipes ready, and share them using #FlatOutLove with YOUR city’s flavor and you could find yourself walking among the recipe elite! Don’t forget to come back her next Wednesday to see what I’ve cooked up for you and to enter to win a great #FlatOutLove package for yourself! 


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