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If You’re Going To Clean, You Might As Well Fantasize

Liquid Plumr Double Impact

This post is brought to you by Liquid Plumr, my clogged sink, and crap loads of hair. As always, all opinions are unabashedly mine. 

I’ve resided at the Houseful Manor for almost ten years now. In those ten years, I’ve always had issues with my sink getting clogged up. To explain a little, I wash my hair in the sink, sometimes. It’s something that tends to fascinate a lot more people than I intend to, but it is what it is. Over those ten years, my hair has grown longer, and it also sheds a lot – especially right after having the ladybug and the twizzlers. DARN YOU POSTPARTUM SHEDDING! Anyhoo, I was offered a chance to use and review the Liquid Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel system and give my thoughts.

My first thought initially was…the heck?! I don’t know how to snake! From what I remember, I saw a HUGE flexible metal rod go down most systems to be snaked, and I didn’t have the desire or the need for something so dramatic. However they sent me pink gloves, a tool belt (which I’ve been using to put together Ikea furniture btw) and some red Essie nail polish, aptly named Forever Yummy – which will be going on my toes for those of you who care.

So the process was pretty simple. Using the plastic snake that they have (which has little barbed hooks on it) insert it all the way down into your drain, twist back and forth and then pull back out of the drain slowly. If you’re not a hair monster, chances are you won’t be disgusted, however, I am indeed full of hair and I was indeed a little bit grossed out by what came from out of the clog. Don’t worry, I’ve spare you those photos.

After, I poured the entire bottle of Liquid Plumr down the drain, waited 15 minutes, which actually turned into 25 because the twizzlers and I had an impromptu game of chase-us-all-over-the-house. They won as I collapsed in defeat.

After I ran super hot water through the drain and voila! Drain cleared! It’s been a little over two weeks, and I’ve washed and detangled my hair (taking great care to put a hair catching  drainer in there) and it’s still flowing smoothly. No more waiting until the sink basin empties to wash hands or brush teeth after the last person left ten minutes ago. It happens.

If you’re not sure whether your drain is clogged are not, chances are it IS if it takes FOREVER for your sink bowl to empty after filling it with water, OR your water doesn’t immediately drain when the faucet is on.

So, are you wondering why I opened up with talk of fantasies? How about the fact that Liquid Plumr did a study to see how women unclog (pun intended) their minds while clearing drains. Fantasizing was the biggest reply AND we ladies tend to have our husbands or significant others as the recurring star in our fantasies. Guys, you should listen to, because of the women interviewed, 49% of them stated that they are more likely to be in the mood to rock your world after completing housework.


I’m not in that number. I’ll be in the mood after Mr. Houseful completes housework – seriously, it’s how babies are made in this house. He cleans, I get pregnant. The end. However, I’m not too proud to say that I will indeed let my mind wander to a particularly wonderful moment that we have shared before, and to that 33% of the women polled agree with me. Now I won’t say who may also throw a little Will Smith, Adam Levine and Bruno Mars in there – but not all at the same time. You know, that’s crass.

Basically, my unscientific findings are that clean houses lead to more sex. It is what it is. When we were younger flowers, jewelry and date nights might have done it, now it’s the smell and the sight of a clean house. Priorities here people.

So, for those who are still hanging on, I have a Liquid Plumr Gift Pack to give to you! In it you will receive your own Liquid Plumr Dual Impact Snake & Gel set (you know you want it) the polish, the gloves to protect your pretty little hands, a tool belt and a sturdy tool box to carry it all in. Imagine taking THAT into the Mani/Pedi shop with you.

So, who wants to win?

Tell me what chore drives you to fantasies just to get through them, and you’re entered! Easy peasy!  Contest closes Friday, July 19 11:59 CST

Good Luck!

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Tuesday 16th of July 2013

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If You’re Going To Clean, You Might As Well Fantasize via @HFofNicholes

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Friday 12th of July 2013

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Renee Blackburn

Friday 12th of July 2013

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