Are Parents Being Conditioned To Be Lazier?

Let’s preface this by saying that I have plenty of things that I would love to have invented just to cash in on the market of new parents. I was once one, and yes I purchased things that I can laugh about three more kids in. However, we’re going to examine some things in this here post. Specifically two items that have to do with potty training, since I’m in the throes of it anyway, and technology.


I get it the concept, I do. However, putting my tablet worth quite a bit of money mere inches from urine and fecal matter is not my idea of using my time wisely. If you’re going to use the television as a way to keep your child on the toilet, pull the pot into the television viewing area. I’m willing to bet that the amount of possible swearing is decreased at LEAST tenfold. I’d rather scrub a carpet or wipe up a floor then try to explain to the Apple teen that my iPad has poop in it.


Not sure if this is a late April Fools joke, but from research it seems to be legit. I see plenty of things wrong with this, which by the way is an electronic device that lets a parent know via a device that their child has indeed soiled their diaper. Are we really THAT busy? Honestly? And not only that, it TWEETS you!

While this is an awesome concept when you are asking your child for the 50th time if they have to use the potty, and the time that you DON’T ask them is the time that they do, it just lands squarely on laziness. Honestly. Parenting is never meant to be a super easy cake walk through the park. See what I did there? We’re not the Jetson’s (yet) and by golly, your children need interaction most of the time. Slapping a blue bird on the crotch of a child because you’re tired of checking a diaper is great in daydreaming theory, but it’s just not cool.

I’d love to be the friend of that one person in the circle who gets it.


~ BRB back guys, I have to go and change little Bruce Wayne’s diaper – my phone just told me to do so.

Are there any baby or child products that you have come across that have you scratching your head about where humanity is headed? Share them in the comments!

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