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Hotel Metro:Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A Destination City in My Backyard #HousefulOfTravels

Hotel Metro:Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A Destination City in My Backyard #HousefulOfTravels


I’m not sure if I have ever spoken about my time in Wisconsin. I used to live in Waukesha, Wisconsin way back in the late nineties during my college years. It was close enough to Milwaukee, but far enough for those of us who didn’t have a car. To be honest, Milwaukee wasn’t a great destination for this Chicago girl, and it didn’t really play on my radar. I mean, I WAS FROM CHICAGO! Which is why I was surprised to find me and Mr. Houseful on our way for a day trip to the city in our backyard for a tour and hotel stay. Milwaukee held quite a few surprises for me, and has secured its place on the short list for cities to trek to when we need to have some much needed alone time without having to drive 8 hours to get it. We only had to travel about 100 miles up I94. Landing at Hotel Metro was just icing on the cake. 

2014-07-31 09.32.15

Let’s talk cost for a moment. I’m in the heart of Chicago – about a good 10 minutes west of downtown with no traffic (is there ever no traffic in the city) and it took us roughly an hour and a half to get to Milwaukee. With tolls, and gas, the cost was less than $20 each way. Yes! If a city boasts that I can get there on an 1/8 of a tank of gas, I’m already falling in love. 

We traveled up on Wednesday night, and we were reminiscing about the car rides we often took while visiting each other in college. The skyline of Milwaukee had most certainly become…dare I say…brighter. The riverfront was where we would be staying – in the city’s historic third ward, and I was eager to see what awaited us. When we arrived, at our hotel for the evening, I was immediately awed. Not because it was huge, or even super fancy, it was because it was art deco. The front was curved, and the bright teal door to welcome guests made me swoon. It also didn’t help that the valets were dressed in throwback uniforms, and greeted me as if I was a long time guest of the hotel, and not a first time stay. BONUS. POINTS. They also didn’t scoff at the Silver Bullet (our Chevy Traverse,) that was littered with evidence of the fact that we are parents. Or parents of more than one child in fact. I was in yoga pants and a t-shirt, and Mr. Houseful I had picked up from work, so we both looked tired and excited – if that’s possible – and they didn’t seem to notice the tired. Smiles abounded and the warmth of everyone was amazing. 

2014-07-30 23.25.32

We checked in quickly – be aware that they do swipe your card for the full amount of your stay previous to checking in – and went up to our suite. When I was told that this was a boutique hotel I fully expect a small, room with just enough space to move from the bedroom to the bathroom. I was wrong. The room was divided by a curved wall, and when entering, it felt like coming into an apartment – exactly what I love when I’m away. I’d like to feel like I’m at home, just a little more posh.  The hallways were a perfect accent to the rooms, and kept the feel of being in a piece of art going. Hotel Metro is a historic building that was transformed from an office building full of stockbrokers into a plush and sustainable hotel in the heart of Milwaukee. 

2014-07-30 23.27.11



I was so busy videoing, that I didn’t even notice the strawberries and champagne that was waiting for us. It was such a small but important gesture that let me know that we were welcome, and that they truly did want us to have a great time. And yes, those strawberries were super sweet, along with the homemade whipped cream! You can also have this special treatment with the Just the Two of Us package which also includes a $25 gift certificate to the Metro Restaurant and a complimentary overnight valet parking. Well worth it, if I do say so myself! 

2014-07-30 21.24.10


How often do you have someone discuss bathrooms? I mean, did you SEE the bathroom in the 15 second clip that I shot? It’s gorgeous, and the tub was two feet deep and six feet long and had PLENTY of room for two people. AHEM. If that’s not your thing though, there is a separate shower, and plenty of space for two people to maneuver around each other – IN THE BATHROOM – or maybe even the shower. I mean, this was a couple’s getaway. 


I can honestly say that I would have been satisfied just staying in the hotel, and exploring the building. It’s six stories high, has a ballroom, a restaurant and bar, and a rooftop area that could have kept us entertained the entire day. The food – y’all, the food, was DELICIOUS – I’ll show you later, because this is becoming wordy as it is. I mean, just start dreaming of ribeye steak as large as your head. Seriously. Speaking of dreaming, just make sure that you’re bedding down on something as soft and supple as this beauty. 

2014-07-30 23.28.36

Pricing for Hotel Metro starts at $149 a night, which is perfectly priced for location, and ability to make it to so many places by foot, or cab. I also think that sometimes, these small splurges for couples are very necessary to keep that spark going. Mr. Houseful loved it, and was happy that I kind of strongarmed him into taking the trip with me. 

Stay tuned for our adventures to Red Rock Saloon, Anodyne Coffee House, Milwaukee Public Market, Potowatomi Casino, Kayaking, and DINNER at Metro Restaurant (thoroughly impressed) all in one day! Looking forward to sharing with you all! You can also find my photos and thoughts under the #visitmke and #deakmke hashtags on Twitter and Instagram – of course using my @HFofNicholes handle.  Until then, make it a fantastic day! 



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